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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers introduce the role of germanium stone mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-28
With the emergence of various types of mattresses, what extraordinary experience will these mattresses bring to people? Faced with this series of mattresses, germanium stone mattresses have received widespread attention. What is the sales volume of germanium stone mattresses currently on the market? What is the response of people to germanium stone mattresses? Foshan spring mattress manufacturers came to introduce them. How much is a germanium stone mattress? It is reported that the price of germanium stone mattress is relatively high compared to other health-care mattresses. The price of germanium stone mattresses is generally between 1,000 and 3,000, especially compared to ordinary mattresses. Is very high. However, a mattress with health care functions does not matter if the price is higher as long as it can be accepted by itself, and its quality and service are good.   Tourmaline and Xinyu Jade Mattress are two brands that have a very good reputation among consumers. After reading the content of the price of Tongxin Siwei germanium stone mattress, you get what you pay for. According to the type, the price of Tongxin Siwei germanium stone mattress ranges from 3000-36800 yuan. The effect of the germanium stone mattress The germanium stone mattress effect one: the germanium stone also has the effects of cooling blood to stop bleeding, lowering adverse effects and relieving vomiting, and clearing fire and calming the liver. Its principle is similar to other iron-containing minerals, such as magnets. Similarly, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, touching natural minerals can supplement the lack of elements and trace elements in the human body, absorb or secrete excess elements and microelements, and maintain a unique positive value for the human body. The second effect of the germanium stone mattress: After the germanium stone is heated by the silica gel heating wire, it activates various plasmas, causing it to release a lot of negative ions, so as to reach the human body to penetrate in all directions. It has an obvious Chinese medicine magnetic therapy effect. It is a special purpose for the Korean medical community. Health mattress. The germanium stone mattress also has a good effect on Alzheimer's disease, and is a sleeping health product for the middle-aged and elderly people.   Germanium stone mattress effect 3: One of the main reasons for the appearance of wrinkles on the face and skin of the person who wants to beautify is that the human body cannot discharge the toxic substances accumulated in the skin in time. The far infrared rays announced by the natural jade mattress can radiate deep into the skin. After expanding the pores of the skin, the sweat is discharged from the body to achieve the purpose of maintaining skin elasticity and beauty and health.   If you happen to want a better mattress, then we might as well consider a germanium stone mattress. The mattress of this material brings people a better sleeping experience and can further help people sleep more sweetly. When we have to choose a mattress, we might as well consider a germanium stone mattress.
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