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Foshan spring mattress manufacturers introduce spring mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-17
Foshan spring mattress manufacturers introduce spring mattresses. Spring mattresses are the most mainstream mattresses on the market. The product span is large, ranging from hundreds of thousands of high-end products to hundreds of yuan of cheap products. There are generally two types of springs for spring mattresses: one is the most traditional connected spring, which has poor anti-interference performance, and the entire bed moves when you lie down. But the price is cheap. Spring mattresses under 1,000 yuan are all connected springs, which have good elasticity, strong support, and a relatively hard body feeling. There is also a more popular independent pocket spring. The spring mattresses above the middle end are basically independent pocket springs. The advantage is point-like expansion and contraction, a single independent support, the whole body is attached to the body curve, which can effectively support various parts of the body and disperse the pressure; and it has strong anti-interference, and does not affect the other half's sleep when turning over; the disadvantage is that a certain part of the mattress is often pressured. Partially lose its elasticity, and the price is relatively high. There is also a concept of five-zone sleep system (5-Zone Sleep System), which generally uses independent pocket springs. The special feature is that the mattress is divided into five zones: head, shoulders, waist, hips and legs. The softness of the spring in each zone is different, so it can support different parts of the body more forcefully and fitfully. The five-zone mattress was invented by the American brand Restonic, and it is guaranteed by patents. It is currently the most reasonable way to zone. Restonic has a specialty store in China, starting at 8,000 yuan, and occasionally you can buy 6,000 yuan at a discount, but it depends on luck. Spring mattresses generally include a support layer and a comfort layer. The support layer is the layer with springs, which determines the support of the mattress; the comfort layer can be filled with soft materials such as latex, foam, memory foam, etc., to increase comfort and determine the fit of the mattress; the softness of the mattress The degree of hardness is determined by the support layer and the comfort layer. Therefore, when buying a spring mattress, you should not only pay attention to the support layer, but also the filling of the comfort layer. High-end mattresses such as Sealy, Jin Keer, Serta and other international brands are all springs + latex; (Among them, Serena uses integrated springs, friends who mind should pay attention) Simmons is more special, his family The mattresses are all spring + high woven cotton layer. The high woven cotton layer has better air permeability. It is not much different from latex when lying on it; the cheaper ones are mostly spring + foam mattresses that most people can afford. form. For example, IKEA's Hayward, 1499 yuan, the spring is an independent pocket spring, it can be said that it is very cost-effective. Another point is that spring mattresses are generally softer and more expensive, because soft mattresses require springs to be soft, and support cannot be reduced. This technical difficulty is much higher, so the price is also expensive. The most intuitive feeling of lying on a mattress of 110,000 and a mattress of 10,000 is the difference in softness and hardness. . . It may be that I am rather rough. It is said that the real princess can sleep out the pea that is pressed under the 20-layer mattress. Another performance of high-end mattresses is that they are soft but not collapsed, hard but not stiff. Whether it is soft or hard, the support and fit are within the range of ensuring health and comfort.
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