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Foshan spring mattress manufacturer tells why some mattresses smell heavy, but some do not?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-01
I don’t know if you have this kind of experience. The mattresses you buy always have a smell when you start using it. After drying and ventilating, it will disappear, and some will still have it even if it is dried and ventilated? How do these peculiar smells come about? The following Foshan spring mattress manufacturers will tell you about these possibilities! Maybe one is the problem of accessories. The mattress is made of cotton felt made of secondary recycled materials. Some are black and some are white. It can be clearly seen that the yarns of various colors are crushed and re-pressed from various messy recycled textiles. God knows how the recycled textiles, clothes and quilts come from. It is possible that all kinds of smells can be emitted from these waste cotton felts. Just think carefully. There is also rattan felt, which is made of woven bag material as the bottom, and the rattan leaves in the middle are pierced and fixed with waste yarn. Among them, the woven bag material is spliced u200bu200bby various woven bags, and it is easy to ferment and mold in a humid environment to breed bacteria and insects, not to mention the taste, and the insects may escape. Possibly two, the filling problem. The inferior sponge or recycled black-heart cotton used in the mattress has a strong chemical smell, and it is difficult to disperse for a long time. Moreover, it is not ventilated and airtight after long-term contact, and it is easy to breed bacteria, mites and other microorganisms. This sentence is true. It's true. There are also fillings of mountain palm and coconut palm. If the manufacturer uses a large amount of chemical glue during the manufacturing process, the softness and hardness of the palm layer will be firmer. The taste is not only heavy, but also harmful to human health. . Problem three is the fabric problem. Fabrics. Most fabrics have no smell, but some smell like oil or fuel. Those with a big smell should be some inferior fabrics, which are processed at a low price, and then some factories use them to make low-priced mattresses. Problem four, mattress film packaging. When each mattress is sold, it will be covered with a transparent plastic film. There are also many kinds of packaging films, some of which have great taste. So, after the mattress arrives home, it is better to remove the membrane. Health is more important than a hundred mattresses. Don't be afraid of getting dirty or something. After all, there are other ways to avoid smudging. As for the odorless mattress, it must be environmentally friendly or quality materials used in both the material and the workmanship. The price of this type of mattress is definitely not three or four hundred yuan, so if When someone sells you a mattress at a low price, be careful. Isn’t there an old saying that cheap is not good, and good is not cheap.
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