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Foshan mattress wholesale reminds the mattress to be well maintained

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-05
Foshan mattress wholesale reminds that the mattress is well maintained, and the happiness of sleep is higher. (1) Prevent excessive deformation of the mattress during the transportation of the mattress, do not bend or fold the mattress, and do not directly tie it with a rope; Let the child bounce on the mattress to prevent local compression, causing metal fatigue to affect elasticity. (2) The mattress should be turned and used regularly. It can be turned upside down or reversed. Generally, the position can be changed once every 3 to 6 months in a family. In addition to the use of bed cloth, a mattress cover should be used to prevent the mattress from getting dirty. It is convenient to wash to ensure the mattress is clean and hygienic. (3) Remove the plastic packaging bag, keep the environment ventilated and dry to prevent the mattress from getting damp, and do not expose the mattress to too long to prevent the bed surface from fading. Prevent the mattress from excessively deforming during use, and at the same time, do not bend or fold the mattress during maintenance to prevent the internal structure of the mattress from being damaged. Use a better quality bed cloth. Pay attention to the length and width of the bed cloth to cover the mattress. The bed cloth not only absorbs sweat, but also keeps the cloth surface clean. (4) Put on a cleaning pad or bed sheet before use to ensure that the product is clean for long-term use; adhere to cleanliness. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress regularly, but do not wash it directly with water or detergent. At the same time, prevent lying on it immediately after taking a shower or sweating, let alone using electrical appliances or smoking on the bed. (5) It is recommended that the mattress should be reversed and turned over regularly for about three to four months to make the cushion surface evenly stressed and prolong the service life; do not often sit on the edge of the bed, because the four corners of the mattress are very weak and will be used for a long time. Sitting or lying on the edge of the bed can easily damage the edge guard spring. Do not tighten the bed cloth and mattress during use to prevent the air vents of the mattress from being blocked, causing the air in the mattress to fail to flow and breeding of germs. (6) Do not apply local stress on the cushion surface to prevent local depression and deformation of the mattress and affect the use; also do not jump on the bed to prevent the tension spring from being damaged by a single point of excessive force. (7) Prevent the use of sharp-angle tools or knives from scratching the fabric. When using, pay attention to keeping the environment ventilated and dry to prevent the mattress from getting damp. Do not expose the mattress to the sun for too long, which will cause the fabric to fade. (8) If you accidentally knock over other beverages such as tea or coffee on the bed, you should immediately use a towel or toilet paper to dry it with heavy pressure, and then dry it with a hair dryer. When the mattress is accidentally stained with dirt, it can be cleaned with soap and water. Do not use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaning agents to prevent the mattress from fading and damage.
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