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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you which mattress is suitable for sleeping

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-12
There are many kinds of mattresses on the market. Mattresses of various materials have different advantages and disadvantages. What are the characteristics of latex mattresses, spring mattresses, and coconut palm mattresses? Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you which mattress is suitable for sleeping! Spring mattress: Independent pocket spring mattress wraps the springs with cloth bags, and then connects them. The main difference between it and ordinary one-piece spring mattress is the feeling of sleep. Because the independent pocket springs are a single point force, they are not interfered with each other and do not affect each other. When sleeping, there is an ultra-silent effect. CBD home furnishings in this mattress industry are doing better! Coir mattress: The current market share of coconut palm mattress is about 20%, far less than latex mattress and spring mattress. Natural coconut palm mattresses are more expensive due to the scarcity of raw materials. Due to the improvement of the current environmental protection technology level, natural latex should be added to the palm mattresses to better shape them. It should be noted that choosing a palm mattress requires not only the raw materials, but also the service life. Latex mattress: Latex is a natural material, and its value is also very high. It is also praised as a 'health-care mattress' because of its many advantages. If you buy latex, as long as you can distinguish the density and quality of the latex, there is no big problem. Understand the characteristics of three major types of mattresses, and talk about some consumer propositions about mattresses: 1. People with poor lumbar spine should choose a relatively hard mattress. The basic brown mattress is more suitable. 2. Integral spring mattresses are generally harder than independent spring mattresses. 3. Natural latex is added to the pure mountain brown mattress, which is more expensive and relatively expensive. 4. When choosing a mattress, you should choose a regular brand product, so that its quality and after-sales service can be guaranteed!
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