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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you the three major benefits of latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-12
Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you the three major benefits of latex mattresses. Latex mattresses are the most popular high-end mattresses on the market in recent years. However, some people are not very clear about the distinction between latex mattresses and memory foam mattresses, even many people It is completely wrong to call a polyurethane foam mattress as a latex mattress. Latex is a rubber tree selected from the tropical rain forests of Southeast Asia or North and South America. The best quality is the rubber tree in southern Thailand. The rubber tree is tapped when the temperature and humidity are the lowest at 4 to 7 in the morning. At this time, the rubber tree is full of water and quality. Also better. Why is latex expensive? Because high-quality latex is collected from 19-22 years of rubber trees, the concentration and minerals of latex reach the peak at this time, and each rubber tree can only produce 30ml of latex juice per day, which is very rare. It takes more than a week for a mattress to be scarce. Expensive. Excellent ergonomic performance Among all mattresses, latex can match the human body curve the fastest to achieve a seamless fit; at the same time, the high resilience of latex can make every part of the human body share the pressure evenly . It will not let you hang in the air and cause discomfort and affect sleep. Someone asked me if my child can sleep on latex pads? This is of course possible. Because no matter what sleeping position you adopt, latex mattresses can keep your body curve above a balance line. The advantage of this is that it will not deform your cervical spine or bones and affect your development. Excellent moisture removal and ventilation performance. You can lift up the mattress that you have slept for a long time. Some people find that there is a human-shaped wet mark on it, indicating that a lot of moisture has gathered together, and there is no good moisture removal and ventilation. Performance, will cause residual dampness to flow back to the body, causing rheumatic hazards or affecting the quality of sleep. The natural latex is foamed to form dense honeycomb micropores. These holes allow the mattress to circulate 360 u200bu200bdegrees without dead ends, and therefore can allow the body's residual heat to be naturally dissipated and fully remove dampness, thereby ensuring your health. Sleep better. Excellent anti-mite and antibacterial performance. Ordinary mattresses will deposit a lot of dust after two years. Coupled with airtightness and moisture absorption, millions of mites will be produced inside, which will start to come out at night. Inside your bed. Think about it, you will feel terrified, and even more sleepless. The oak protein in latex can inhibit germs and allergens. At the same time, good ventilation performance also destroys the living environment of mites. Therefore, for people with respiratory diseases or allergies in winter, latex mattresses are a good choice.
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