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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers teach you how to maintain mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-10
Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers teach you how to maintain mattresses: when we sleep, in addition to pillows, mattresses are also a very important bedding. Regarding mattresses, people know well that a good mattress can help people fall asleep faster, so that people can sleep more securely and comfortably. So how much do you know about the maintenance of the mattress? How to maintain the mattress , Latex is very soft and easy to be twisted. Mattress maintenance 2: When washing by hand, squeeze it. Because the product absorbs a lot of water when washing, the weight doubles. When taking out the water, do not grab a small corner part and pull it up. The pillow will tear if it absorbs too much water. It must be like tofu. Hold the center of gravity and most of the volume and take it out carefully. water surface. Mattress maintenance 3: After washing, use a dry towel or other water-absorbent materials to press dry with your hands to avoid direct exposure to strong sunlight. If you want to speed up the drying time, after hanging, it is recommended to squeeze the bottom with your hands every 2-3 hours to drain the excess water and blow it with an electric fan. How to choose a mattress? Mattresses can be chosen like this. Due to the human body curve, when a person sleeps, whether he is lying on his back or on his side, he cannot make the whole body on the same plane. When people lie down and sleep, they will have four 'key contact points' with the mattress, namely the neck, shoulders, waist and hips. If the mattress is too soft, the human body will sink deep into the mattress, causing the mattress to squeeze the human body, increasing the force on the waist and abdomen, and easily cause the waist and abdomen to sink downwards. You can also choose this way. We have to choose according to our age, body type, sleeping habits and spine condition. Before buying a mattress, you must try to lie down yourself, and try to lie down for a few minutes as much as possible, so that you can better feel the sleeping feeling, fit, softness and so on of the mattress. You can also choose this way. On the premise that it is suitable for one's sleep, according to the family budget, the current mainstream domestic mattresses are still spring mattresses and palm mattresses, followed by latex mattresses. Spring mattresses range from hundreds to hundreds of thousands. Considering most people, this article only talks about some foreign popular brands and domestic well-known brands. The price range of various Zongdians is relatively flat at present, and the gap is small. The focus is on environmental protection and durability. There are many doorways for latex mattresses. This article is only a brief introduction, and there will be more in-depth sharing about latex. In people's eyes, mattresses occupies a very important part of many bedding products. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, you must polish your eyes to avoid falling into the trap of bad mattress manufacturers. On the other hand, everyone has mastered the maintenance methods of related mattresses. Only in this way can the life span of the mattress be prolonged.
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