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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers talk about cultivating good sleeping habits

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-11
In today's society, people of different ages and classes are more or less troubled by insomnia. People of different ages and strata are suffering from insomnia. In severe cases, they can only fall asleep by taking sleeping pills. According to statistics, about 80% of insomnia is caused by psychological factors or improper sleeping habits. Develop an outstanding sleeping habit, which has a certain effect on the prevention and improvement of insomnia. Stay away from sleeping problems and cultivate good sleeping habits first. Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers tell you to stay away from sleeping problems. It is very important to develop outstanding lifestyle habits. First of all, pay attention to sleeping hygiene. In terms of diet, control total calories and reduce the intake of animal fat and sweets. The content of two trace elements, zinc and copper, in the serum of people with prolonged insomnia is significantly reduced. Foods with higher zinc content include oysters, fish, lean meat, dairy products, etc., and foods with higher copper content include fish, shrimp, and crabs. , Corn, soy products, mushrooms, etc.; a cup of yogurt or milk contains high levels of tryptophan and calcium, which helps sleep. Second, there must be rules in life, reduce nightlife, and restrict bedtime. If you can't fall asleep in bed for more than 20 minutes, you should get up, read some boring books and newspapers under the dim light, and go to bed when you feel tired. No matter how many nights you go to bed, you must get up on time in the morning to improve your sleeping power. In addition, regular physical exercise is also an important way to prevent insomnia.
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