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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers explain the impact of mattresses on various parts of the human body?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-11
Sleep and mattress are inseparable, if the quality of the mattress is poor, it will also affect a person's sleep, and then affect the health of the body. What are the health effects of a mattress on the human body, and how does a mattress affect a person’s health? Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturers will come to explain for you. 1. The relationship between the mattress and the respiratory tract Sleeping on the mattress, no matter what the posture, our respiratory tract will be affected by the mattress. Mattresses have two main harmful effects on the respiratory tract: formaldehyde and dust mites. At present, most of the mattresses on the market will inevitably use formaldehyde-containing materials in the production process. Trace formaldehyde has no harmful effects on human health, but excessive formaldehyde can damage the human respiratory tract and even worsen life-threatening malignant diseases such as nasopharyngeal cancer. Therefore, there are clear and strict regulations on the formaldehyde content in mattresses. In addition to formaldehyde, dust mites are also a major hidden danger. Dust mites in the mattress can cause repeated attacks of respiratory diseases, which will not be cured for a long time. Although dust mites are not as harmful as formaldehyde, they can also torture people to death. Therefore, when choosing a mattress, we should choose a mattress with low formaldehyde content and anti-mite and anti-bacterial. 2. The relationship between the mattress and the skin The material of the mattress and the dust mite problem mentioned above can affect our skin health. If the mattress fabric is hot, airtight, and unable to dehumidify, it will cause skin diseases over time, such as eczema, prickly heat, etc. Excessive mattress dust mites can not only induce respiratory diseases, but also reduce human skin immunity, causing people to suffer from allergic dermatitis, which is easy to relapse and difficult to cure. From the above two points, the fabric is dry and breathable, and the anti-mite and anti-bacterial mattress is the choice for healthy skin. 3. The relationship between the mattress and the bones The relationship between the mattress and the bones is a major question in mattress design: When the mattress is too soft, it cannot effectively support the weight of the human body, and it will collapse excessively, resulting in heavier waist and hips. The bones of the site are abnormally bent. In the short term, people will suffer from backaches and body discomfort; in the long term, people will suffer from lumbar spine diseases. When the mattress is too hard, although the human bones are supported, the mattress cannot conform to the curve of the human body, and some parts will be slightly suspended. There is not much discomfort in the short term, but it will also affect bone health over time. A small mattress can affect our health in many ways. It seems that it is not so easy to choose a mattress that is good for health in all aspects. The responsibility of the editor is to solve everyone's sleep problems and troubles. Therefore, today we bring you a mattress that has a formaldehyde content of close to zero, is dry and breathable, is anti-mite and antibacterial, and can effectively support the human body-the mattress! Yu Mattress is a Guangdong mattress brand. It has been focusing on the research and development and production of sleeping bedding to provide consumers with high-quality mattresses. It is that the mattress has been designed to be suitable for human healthy sleep. It helps everyone to get a deep sleep. It is also of great benefit to health, so that every day has a good body to meet the opportunities and challenges.
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