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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturer introduces the material of baby mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-07
What material is good for baby mattress? The following Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturer tells you: natural latex is the liquid that flows out when rubber tree is tapped. It is milky white, with a solid content of 30% to 40%, and the average rubber particle size is 1.06 microns. Fresh natural latex contains 27%-41.3% rubber (mass), 44%-70% water, 0.2%-4.5% protein, 2%-5% natural resin, 0.36%-4.2% sugar, and 0.4% ash. In order to prevent natural latex from solidifying due to the action of microorganisms and enzymes, ammonia and other stabilizers are often added. Natural latex is mainly used to make sponge products, extruded products and impregnated products. Anti-mite, anti-bacterial and breathable are the characteristics of natural latex. Natural coconut palm coconut palm mattress is a mattress made of coconut shell outer fiber as raw material. Coconut trees are evergreen trees. Coconut is the fruit of the coconut tree, and its outer layer is wrapped by brown fibers. This brown fiber is called coconut palm. There are two methods for coir mattresses. One method is to woven a mesh mattress with rope twisted from coconut palm, and the other method is to lay coconut palm flakes on the top of the mattress spring. The coconut palm mattress has the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer, breathable, moisture-absorbing, elastic, and durable. The hard cotton is made of high-quality imported 4080 low-melting fiber, hollow polyester as the raw material, after carding, netting, and uniform heating in the drying room. Mainly used for: mattress cotton, seat cushion cotton, cushion cotton, tatami, sofa cushion cotton, soft sound-absorbing material, air filter material, etc. Features: It has the advantages of sufficient ventilation, full resilience, washing resistance, flame-retardant, non-toxic, clean and green and environmentally friendly. It is an updated product of sponge. It has air permeability, good resilience, great tensile force, long-term deformation, no aging, washing resistance, and harmless to the human body. Features of baby mattress 1. Safety and environmental protection. Baby's resistance is poor, and baby mattress is where babies spend more time. Therefore, compared with ordinary mattresses, baby mattresses have higher safety requirements. In order to protect children The health and safety of the mattress, the material and the surface cloth of the mattress should be environmentally safe, and the natural milk material of environmental protection should be used inside. 2. A baby mattress with suitable hardness should fit the baby's body shape, effectively support the baby's body, prevent the baby's spine from deforming, relax the baby's limbs, promote blood circulation, and be beneficial to the healthy development of the baby. It is very convenient to identify whether the mattress is soft and suitable. Let a baby weighing about 3kg sleep on the mattress. If the depression of the mattress is about 25px, this softness is suitable. 3. Reduce the deformation of the baby's head to protect the baby's soft and unshaped skull. The baby mattress has the function of preventing the baby's head from being compressed to the cranial nerve endings, reducing the pressure on the baby's head, allowing the baby's head to move easily and freely, and preventing head shape changes. Deflection and flattening function.
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