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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturer introduces the difference between latex mattress and spring mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-07
Which is better, latex mattress or spring mattress? Latex mattresses are the more popular new mattresses, and spring mattresses are one of the mattresses that people have always liked. Everyone is more cautious about the choice of bed. The following Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturer will analyze which latex mattress or spring mattress is better for you. Advantages of latex mattress: The material of latex mattress is derived from rubber tree branch liquid, and it is plasticized with its unique mold to make latex mattress. Latex mattresses have good air permeability, and latex mattresses are very elastic and not easy to deform. Latex itself has a special fragrance that makes many mosquitoes reluctant to approach it. It is breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-concealment. The molecular structure of latex is special, has good comfort, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and parasites. The advantages of latex mattresses II. The internal structure of latex mattresses has many pores, which can allow air to flow freely in the mattress, disperse the heat and sweat generated by the contact between the skin and the mattress during sleep, and keep the sleep comfortable and dry. Latex mattresses have ultra-high elasticity and very good support. It is suitable for different people's body types and weights. It evenly supports people's gravity, can adapt to various sleeping positions of sleepers, and effectively relieves the errors caused by sleeping postures. Her back pains and difficulty falling asleep. Advantages of spring mattresses There are many types of special spring mattresses for spring mattresses, such as wired vertical spring mattresses, linear integral spring mattresses, and pocket linear integral spring mattresses. They all have their own characteristics. They are all designed for different sleeping problems. For example, a thread-mounted vertical spring mattress, which is formed by a continuous strand of stainless steel thread, formed from the beginning to the end. Follow the natural curve of the human spine and support it appropriately and evenly. Advantages of spring mattresses Two spring mattresses are made of special steel wires through a series of processing. The spring mattress is designed according to the principles of ergonomics, and it can expand and contract flexibly according to the curve and weight of the human body, evenly support each part of the body, keep the spine naturally straight, so that the muscles can be fully relaxed, so that people have a Good sleep. The spring mattress will not produce noise, no matter how you roll on it, it will not affect the person sleeping next to you.
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