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Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturer introduces how to choose the size of bed and mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-08
The size of the mattress is believed to be selected according to the size of the bed. There is only an approximate standard size of the mattress. Below, the Foshan mattress wholesale manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction about the standard size of the mattress. You can avoid forks in the road. 1. Mattress standard size 1. Mattress size: Double beds are commonly used in daily life. The general double bed size is 1800*2000mm, 2000*2200mm, and the corresponding mattress size is the same. The size of a standard double bed mattress is generally 1500*1900mm, which is the same as 1200*1900mm. This standard mattress size will also be marked as 1500*2000mm, which actually has a tolerance of about 50mm. So everyone can decide the size of the mattress according to the size of the bed at home. 2. Mattress size: There are many types of single beds. The common ones are children's beds and middle school students' beds. The size of middle school students' bed is 1200*2000mm, so the size of the mattress is 1200*2000mm. The mattress should not be too thick, generally half the height of the standard size of a double bed mattress. The size of the children’s room is 1800*2000mm, and the standard children’s mattress size is 1800*2000mm. The thickness of the mattress is also half of that of a double bed. Because the child is in the developmental stage, a thick mattress is not beneficial. If possible, the crib can not be used. Mattress, otherwise it has disadvantages to the child's bone development. 3. Mattress size: round mattresses. The diameters of round mattresses are 1860mm, 2155mm, and 2424mm. The round mattresses are more 'special'. Customized models can be selected if conditions permit. 4. Mattress size: baby mattress baby mattress size is mostly between 1-1.2m, and the width is about 0.65-0.75m. Baby mattresses of school age can be designed according to the size of adult mattresses, and the net length of the mattress 1.92m, the width is about 0.8-1m. The thickness of the baby mattress is relatively thin, generally 30mm. 5. Mattress size: Inflatable mattresses. Inflatable mattresses are commonly used in outings or camping in the wild. Common inflatable mattress sizes are 1900*1000mm, 1900*1370mm, 2000*1520mm, 2000*1800mm. 2. The principle of choosing mattresses to choose according to age 1. Middle-aged and young people are the main group that bears various work or life pressures, and they pay more attention to the effect of mattresses in helping to relax the body and mind, so this group of people is buying At the time, it is recommended to buy a soft spring mattress, which is more conducive to their body stretch, so as to effectively relieve the pressure. 2. Children’s research has proved that if children in the growth and development stage sleep on a soft mattress for a long time, it will not only affect the normal growth of their bones, but also cause hunchback and short stature. Therefore, it is recommended that parents choose a mattress with a relatively harder and stronger material for them. 3. The elderly group is different from the former two. Because the metabolism of the skin and body organs is slower for the elderly, too tight mattresses will make them feel sultry and uncomfortable. Therefore, for them, the breathability of brown silk The mattress is more suitable for them.
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