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Foshan mattress tells you five misunderstandings when choosing a mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-23
Everyone knows that the mattress is very important to the quality of sleep. So how do we choose our sleep buddies? What impact will the misunderstanding of choosing a mattress have on our sleep quality and health? Let's explore together next!  1. Sleep directly on the mattress   Some friends like to sleep directly on the mattress, and do not put a protective mattress or bed sheet on the mattress. This behavior is because the human body loses an average of about 500 ml of water every night, and the 1.5 million dander cells produced by the body’s daily metabolism are directly 'absorbed' by the mattress. Therefore, in order to ensure everyone’s health and the life of the mattress, use a mattress. Please be sure to equip with suitable protective mats and sheets!  Second, do not clean the mattress regularly   Have you heard the term '2 million mites sleep with you'? This is not dangerous language. The reproductive ability of mites is very strong, and one mite can reproduce 300 offspring in three months. Mattresses that have not been cleaned for a long time are the environment where mites breed, so if the mattress has large dirt, it must be cleaned in time.   You can use a special vacuum cleaner for the mattress to treat the mattress, or you can use a mite remover to remove mites regularly. In addition, friends with conditions can invite a professional mite removal team to help regularly remove the mites on the mattress at home. 3. There is no tearing of the outer packaging film of the mattress. In order to avoid contamination of the mattress during transportation, the outside of the mattress is usually covered with packaging film, but many people do not tear this film when using the mattress to prevent the mattress from changing. Dirty will make the breathability of the mattress worse, and when there is moisture, it will not be able to eliminate mold and odor in time.  Four. If you don’t turn over the mattress in time,   If you sleep well, the stress point of the mattress will become single, and the supporting force will be uneven and uneven.   5. Use blankets as bed sheets    Some people use blankets that are not used at home as bed sheets, but this is not appropriate. On the other hand, blankets are thicker than sheets, and sleeping on them is more stuffy. On the other hand, blankets are easy to hit the starting ball and shed hair, and it is easy to stain the mattress.   Everyone uses the mattress correctly, avoids misunderstandings, reorganizes the mattress, and creates a healthy and comfortable sleeping environment for yourself.
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