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[Foshan mattress manufacturers] Why more and more people choose latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-01-22
There are many types of mattresses, but everyone feels that none of them can compare to latex mattresses. There are many reasons why everyone thinks latex mattresses are comfortable, so let's take a look at them with Foshan mattress manufacturers. The material of latex is very precious. Latex mattresses made of latex have high elasticity and can meet the needs of different groups. Its excellent endurance can be integrated into the various sleeping positions of sleep quality people. Specifically, the advantages of latex mattresses have the following aspects: 1. Noise reduction and no vibration transmission. This feature is very good for homes with children or for people with poor sleep quality. When you sleep on one side of the bed, and the person on the other side sleeps on the side, raises the leg, or even gets down, the mattress is not easy to make a sound, it is not easy or only vibrates gently, and it is not easy for the person on the other side to feel this. It is very helpful for sleep. 2. Blocking the discomfort. Many stores selling mattresses let customers lie under the mattress, and then throw a lighter or car key between the customer’s back and the mattress. The customer feels like turning over, but they don’t feel anything.硌着. Dirty matters exist, which is a recognizable good feature of latex mattresses. If there are some small dirt beside the bed, it is not easy to harm the quality of sleep. 3. Do not compress the human bones and muscles of the whole body, so that the body releases the pressure. The soft strength of each part of the latex mattress is consistent. If you sit, lie on your side or use your elbow to read a book, the work pressure will be concentrated on your body. At that time, it will be very soft under the pressure of work, and it will be less and less oppressed than other types of mattresses, and it will not be uncomfortable at all. 4. The support point is strong and does not deform. Although it is soft, the latex mattress is soft and does not collapse. When you press it up, it is soft, but when you lie on it, the body gas pressure is more evenly distributed. Well, it is not easy to have areas hanging in the air or collapsing. And even if many people run and jump on it every day, it will still maintain malleability after ten years. 5. Good thermal insulation and good air permeability. Latex mattresses are made of natural rubber juice polyurethane foamed and condensed. There are billions of microporous plates inside. This type of microporous plate not only produces excellent air permeability, The gas remaining in it is also excellent in thermal insulation.
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