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Foshan mattress manufacturers-what are the advantages and disadvantages of pocket spring mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-25
Spring mattresses are still the mainstream products in the mattress sales market. Whether it is the initial spring mattresses or the natural latex mattresses, palm mattresses, silicon rubber and other mattresses that appear later, they can cooperate well with spring mattresses. The types of springs also range from general independent springs to brushed springs, to independent pocket springs nowadays. Then, what are the advantages and disadvantages of pocket spring mattresses? Foshan mattress manufacturers are here to show you all about it. To put it plainly, the pocket spring mattress is the spring structure of the mattress refill. Each independent spring is put under pressure and then put into a non-woven bag, and then the spring pockets are connected with each other with viscose. Its characteristics depend on the independent operation of each spring, independent support point, and telescopic type. When there are two or more blocks on the surface of the mattress, one of them rotates and the other is not easily affected. Advantages of pocket spring mattresses: 1. Strong independence: independent pocket springs because each spring can operate independently, so when the bedside sleep quality partner turns over or exercises, the other person is not easily disturbed, so it can improve the sleeper High-quality sleep time, improve sleep. 2. It caters to the body better: the system partition design scheme of independent pocket spring mattresses can make the bearing force and elasticity of springs of different parts match the suitable range of the relative parts of the body. It is flexible and retractable, and it is well-proportioned to highlight all parts of the body. , Of course, maintain the verticality of the spine, release the pressure on the muscles of the whole body, and reduce the frequency of turning over. 3. Good noise reduction: each spring is installed in a spring bag to prevent shaking due to mutual friction and noise. Disadvantages of pocket spring mattresses: 1. The defect of independent pocket spring mattresses is because of the independence of springs, which will cause some springs to gradually lose their ductility and endanger comfort. 2. In order to make the mattress support symmetrical and increase the service life, the rotation must be carried out on time, which is a bit inconvenient. 3. The spring mattress should be removed on time, and attention should be paid to prevent dampness and moisture content. Long-term dampness and coldness will harm the service life and characteristics of the spring.
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