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Foshan mattress manufacturers tell you the most popular material in the latex mattress industry

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-23
What are the advantages of choosing latex for the mattress material?   First of all, it has almost zero formaldehyde, which directly kills many mattresses on the market. Many new mattresses just bought home are the focus of formaldehyde treatment. Furthermore, its supporting power is obvious to all. The characteristics of 'fast rebound and strong supporting force' of latex determine that it will fit the body's own curve well, reasonably disperse the pressure and weight of the human body, and let your whole body relax as it should be.   Because of the human body curve, whether it is sleeping on the back or on the side, the whole body cannot be placed on the same plane. Therefore, a mattress with moderate hardness can form an effective support for the human body according to the human body curve. In addition, there are many air holes in the latex mattress. By changing the size and density of the air holes, the spine can be supported without losing its flexibility, so that the waist can be properly relaxed and healthy, so as to correct poor sleeping posture and improve sleep. The quality effect makes people fall asleep comfortably.   In addition, as a green bedding made of natural latex, the latex mattress is anti-mite, washable, non-deformable, highly breathable, high resilience, and strong in damping. It can effectively prevent bacteria and dehumidify, increase sleep comfort, and is a breathing mattress.   Compared with the traditional Simmons and Zongdian, the advantage of latex mattress is that it is comfortable enough to lie down in any posture. It can effectively improve the sleep quality of middle-aged and elderly people, and can improve concentration and energy during the day. The latex mattress also has a big advantage, that is, its super vibration absorption function, the resilience and breathability of the latex mattress, so that the turning motion can basically achieve the effect of ultra-quiet, and completely solve the problem of shallow sleep in the middle-aged and elderly people. Separation phenomenon.   Although compared with other mattresses, latex mattresses are slightly more expensive than other mattresses because of their precious raw materials and remarkable effects, but the use time of latex mattresses can exceed 10 years. Latex mattresses worth about 4229 yuan, on average, only cost 1.1 yuan per day, which can create a quality sleep for yourself and your family. Considering the long-term investment and improving the quality of sleep and improving the quality of life, it is really cost-effective! The above is the Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales tell you why the latex mattress is a popular material in the industry.
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