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Foshan mattress manufacturers tell you about the daily maintenance of household mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-20
Many people ignore a problem when buying and using mattresses: the plastic packaging film on the surface is not removed. In fact, this is the wrong approach. Because removing the packaging film can ventilate the inside of the mattress, keep it dry and avoid moisture. There is also the problem of handling the mattress. If the mattress has a handle attached, do not use the handle to carry it, because it is used to adjust the position. After removing the packaging film, you can wrap the mattress with a cleaning pad or a bed sheet, so that it can be kept dry and clean for a long time. Sleep is an important factor to ensure the quality of life. The mattress is the core of sleep. A good quality spring mattress can improve people's quality of life. If the mattress is properly maintained, the life span of the mattress can reach 10-15 years or even longer. The specific mattress maintenance method is also very simple. 1. Timing flip. This is very important. Many people buy a mattress with almost no place to move, let alone turn it over. In the first year of using a new mattress, it can be positive and negative every 2-3 months, or a turning around the head, so that the spring stress of the mattress is averaged, and it will be transferred after about half a year. 2. Use a good quality mattress. Good linen sheets are absorbent and comfortable, and stains are not easy to fall on the mattress. 3. Keep it clean. The public can clean the mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner or dry it, but it cannot be washed directly with water or detergent. At the same time, avoid bathing or sweating directly on it. 4. Choose some better brands, with better quality and production. 5. Don't jump on the bed. Parents need to remind their children to avoid injury caused by a single point of force exceeding the ambassador spring. 6. Do not scratch the mattress and bed frame with hard objects, or wash the edge of the bed and the wooden parts of the headboard with soap and alkaline water to prevent the paint from falling off; 7. Pay attention to the moisture-proof and insect-proof of the mattress in spring and summer, and the room should be frequent Ventilate, do not expose the mattress to the sun. To prevent moths, put some camphor under the mattress. In short, mastering 7 points can effectively extend the life of the mattress, sleep every day, and feel safe.
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