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Foshan mattress manufacturers teach you to eliminate mites

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-19
According to surveys, the pillows that people need to use every day are covered with tens of thousands of mites. A pillow that has not been washed for 3 years will increase its weight by 20% compared to when it was first bought, and most of this 20% All are the corpses and feces of mites. Especially for babies who drool during sleep. If the skin of the human body is a dining table for mites, then pillows are a breeding ground for mites. Many people think that my quilts, sheets and pajamas look very clean, not as dirty as you said? In fact, being invisible does not mean that it does not exist. The mites are so small that they can only be seen clearly under a microscope. They like a warm and humid living environment. Pillows, sheets and quilts are their campsites. The oil, sweat, dander, etc. secreted from your body are their food. Mites are tiny animals belonging to the subclass Acarina of the phylum Arachnida. It is a collective term for all species in the class Acarina except ticks. The body size is generally about 0.5mm, and some are as small as 0.1 mm, most types are less than 1mm. There are many types of mites, they develop rapidly, and they are in full bloom. Traces of mites can be found in almost every corner of our lives. Fabric sofas, Simmons, carpets, quilts, mattresses, pillows and other items are all The mites like ideal places to settle down. The usual small activities such as hugging plush toys and kissing pet puppies may also become a new way for mites to spread. Next, the direct sales of Foshan dormitory mattresses will teach you to eliminate mites. So how can we eliminate mites on the bed? 1. High temperature exposure To say something that mites are afraid of, it should be high temperature. You can prepare a larger black plastic bag, and then throw in the quilt, pillow, etc., and expose it to the sun! As long as there is sunlight and the environment is dry, the mites will die soon. The key is that this method is simple, not a penny! At the same time, we should also note that in addition to daily removal of mites, we also need to maintain indoor environmental problems, and always keep the bedding clean and indoor ventilation, so as not to give mites a chance to grow! Wash quilt covers, bed sheets, pillowcases, summer mats, etc. with hot water higher than 60 degrees, and then expose them to the sun. 2. Fengyoujing + toilet water + baking soda Fengyoujing actually appears a lot in daily life, and it can not only repel mosquitoes, but also has a good effect on removing mites. Just prepare a basin of clean water, put in your own sheets, quilt covers, pillows, etc., drip with wind oil toilet water and baking soda, soak for about 30 minutes, and then wash it. It is very good for sterilization and removal of mites and odors. Some objects are not easy to clean and move, but these places do have a lot of mites, such as mattresses, sofas, etc., which are usually cleaned with a mite removal instrument, which can easily remove mites in all corners of the room. Kills and inhibits the reproduction and breeding of mites, and the powerful suction can wipe out the fragments of mites corpses.
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