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Foshan mattress manufacturers teach you how to choose mattresses for different age groups?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-20
Nowadays, people's living standards are coming up, and the requirements for the quality of life are getting higher and higher. Many people hope to get a more comfortable and healthy sleep by upgrading their mattresses. As everyone knows, if the mattress is not suitable for you, no matter how good the quality of the mattress is, it will be useless. When we choose mattresses, we always ignore age. The physical condition of each age group is different, and the demand for mattresses is also different. Today, everyone will follow Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales to understand how people of different ages should choose mattresses. 1. Adults (25-50 years old) Adults are the mainstay of a family. The poor sleep quality of adults directly affects the state of the next day: errors at work, distraction and burnt when cooking, counseling children to learn a knowledge point Can't remember it either. Life is under great pressure, so don't let the pillars of the family sleep well at night. When choosing a mattress for adults, you can start with softness, ridge protection, and anti-mite. Quite a lot of adults have to face the computer for a long time, and they will habitually stay up late at night and suffer from insomnia. The cervical spine, lumbar spine, endocrine system, etc. will have problems. A soft mattress can relieve their tension and help adults relax. You can choose an independent spring mattress, which can better support the spine, fit the body, relieve pressure, and eliminate fatigue in the neck, waist, buttocks and other parts. In addition, mattress fabrics also need to be paid attention to. Some fabrics have anti-mite function, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of mites. Don't underestimate the matter of anti-mite, you must know that the sweat metabolized by adults can reach the amount of a bottle of mineral water every night, and sweat and falling dander are easy to breed mites. 2. Infants and young children (3 months-3 years old) Why are infants and young children born to March not included? Because the baby didn't need to sleep on a mattress during the time when the child was born, sleeping on a mattress would affect bone development. When the babies are older, give them a mattress. The metabolism of infants and young children is vigorous in all age groups, and they have to sleep more than ten or twenty hours a day. If you sleep on the bed for a long time, the mattress must have good ventilation and moisture removal ability to avoid stuffiness. At the same time, it must have good antibacterial and acarid properties to protect the health of the baby's skin. Infants and young children have not yet developed bones and cannot sleep on mattresses that are too hard. The mattresses should be soft and comfortable and have a certain degree of support, which can care for the health of the baby's spine and promote growth and development. 3. Children (3-10 years old) are the same as infants and toddlers, when children sleep, the metabolism of the new city is also very fast, and the mattresses have high requirements for ventilation and dryness, and they need to quickly absorb moisture and perspiration. Palm mattresses are very suitable for children to sleep, and the sleeping feeling and air permeability are in line with the needs. Children grow and develop fast, but their resistance is far less than that of adults. When choosing mattresses for children of this age, you also need to pay attention to the environmental performance of the mattress, whether it is made of natural formaldehyde-free materials, and whether it can inhibit bacteria and remove mites. Fourth, teenagers (11-24 years old) like the older generation advocated that 'young people should sleep on a hard bed' is not advisable. Sleeping on a mattress like a hard bed will cause skeletal dysplasia, and severely leave behind' 'Scoliosis' hidden danger, this problem has to be taken seriously! Teenagers who are growing up must use mattresses with moderate and hard sleep. Too soft mattresses will affect physical development, spine deformation, and even hunchback. 5. Elderly people (50+ years old) As they grow older, they are prone to physical problems, their lumbar spine function will also degenerate, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar and leg pain and other symptoms will occur. If you choose a mattress that is too soft for the elderly, it will definitely aggravate these symptoms. The old man’s mattress can choose a moderate to harder style, which is helpful for turning over, and it will not be too difficult for the elderly. The mattress must fit the body curve to relieve muscle pressure. The support layer of the mattress should be good, with sufficient hardness and strong support, which can support the body well. Have you learned how to choose mattresses for people of different ages? Choose the right mattress to sleep well all night.
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