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Foshan mattress manufacturers teach you bedding matching skills Daquan

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-19
This is a face-seeing world. High looks can make the audience brighten up and feel happy. After all, everyone is willing to see more beautiful things. While paying attention to the performance of the mattress, we should also pay more attention to any complementary items that match the mattress. Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales will take you to learn about various bedding matching techniques other than mattresses. 1. Color In psychology, color has weight. For example, for objects of the same volume and weight, black is heavier than gray, and gray is heavier than white. Colors are also divided into cold and warm. 'Warm colors give people a warm feeling, while cool colors give people a cool feeling. Therefore, in the process of matching bedding colors, we must first consider the importance of the color itself and the difference between cold and warm. . In the process of matching bedding, the overall style of decoration and household products should also be considered. For example, a Japanese-style log-style home is suitable for light green bedding, because the combination of ocher and light line color of wood can create The quiet and fresh style in the forest is suitable for spring and summer when the temperature is relatively high. If it is autumn and winter, the light green bedding can be changed to standard color or sauce red, which is not only resistant to dirt but also gives people a proper sense of weight and warmth. 2 The style and style should directly be the thickness of the bedding, thin quilt in spring and summer, thick quilt in autumn and winter, here I recommend a combination quilt. That is, the quilt can be combined by the four-corner snaps. In this way, we can adjust the thickness of the quilt according to the different seasons, which is both economical and convenient. The style of the pillow is particularly important for our sleep health. The pillow should choose a health pillow with a hard hand feeling and moderate thickness. Don't choose a temporary soft feeling. Buy uncompressed ordinary chemical fiber pillows. This kind of pillows are likely to cause health risks such as migraine and cervical dislocation. 3. The choice of pattern bedding patterns can be determined according to personal preferences. First of all, the user’s age must be considered: Children use story patterns, such as cartoon characters, interesting scenes, etc., so that children can grow up healthily in a relaxed and interesting sleeping environment. Female consumers can choose flowers, exotic styles and other romantic patterns to adjust their personal The temperament of men. For men, they should be simple, such as geometric patterns, contrasting colors, check patterns, etc., which can show men’s clean personality characteristics. The pattern selection of bedding should also match the overall decoration style. Chinese styles can choose lotus and peony. And other traditional floral patterns. For European-style retro, you can choose French low-luxury patterns such as roses and small broken flowers, while simple decoration styles can choose geometric patterns. It fully shows the unique temperament of the individual. 4. Functional functions are often the details of the bedding matching that everyone ignores. Because we have only one function of the bedding in our impression, for example, the quilt is to keep warm, the pillow is to make people sleep comfortable and so on. Perhaps, consumers do not know much about functional bedding products, such as anti-bacterial, anti-mite, negative ion, and far-infrared bedding products are actually 'weapons' for home furnishing.
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