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Foshan mattress manufacturers talk: how to clean the mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-04-06
Mattress is essential to the bed, so how should the mattress be cleaned? Foshan mattress manufacturers are here to tell everyone! 01 Cleaning and Dust Removal You can use a vacuum cleaner or a mite removal device at home to clean the dust, dead skin and other dirt on the upper and lower surfaces of the mattress as a whole. The most important purpose of this step is to remove dust and remove the dirt attached to the surface. 02 Decontamination and deodorization, dehumidification and mildew prevention. Using baking soda has the effect of decontamination and deodorization. We sprinkle the baking soda evenly on the mattress, then pat it evenly, wait for 15-20 minutes, and wait for the peculiar smell on the mattress to disappear After that, use the vacuum cleaner at home to suck up the soda powder on the mattress, and by the way, once again absorb the dust and dander together, the mattress can be cleaned, stains and odors removed. The company's main products: mattresses, soft beds, Simmons, spring mattresses, latex mattresses, coconut palm mattresses, custom mattresses, mattress wholesale, mattress customization/manufacturers, etc. Suiforlun Home Furnishings mattress welcomes you to come to consult!
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