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Foshan Mattress Factory-Which is better latex mat or palm mat

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-16
As everyone’s needs change, lightweight products have become more and more popular. In recent years, latex pads have become more popular, but which one is better, latex pads or brown pads? Foshan Mattress Factory will take you to compare. 1. Latex pad Latex pad is made of natural latex (derived from rubber tree sap). It has excellent air permeability, sturdiness and durability, strong resilience, and is not easy to deform. The greater advantages of latex pads depend on their adherence and high-quality sleeping feeling, and sufficient support points to exceed higher comfort. 2. Palm mat: Palm mat is a mattress made of coconut palm (that is, the dark brown chemical fiber encapsulated in the shell of the coconut shoe). The palm mat has excellent air permeability, high-strength ductility, sturdiness and durability, not easy to deform, multi-day warm and cool in summer, waterproof and moisture-absorbing characteristics. 3. Comparison of the two Latex pads and brown pads are better in terms of air permeability, ductility and durability. In summary, latex mats are softer than palm mats, cater to the human body and have the actual effect of preventing mites and bacteria. Therefore, it is more suitable for some friends who want to prevent mites and bacteria or who like to sleep on soft beds. The palm mat is harder and can maintain the cervical spine, so it is the choice for those who like to sleep on a hard bed. In addition, about the price. Latex pads are higher than palm pads, because the production of natural latex collagen materials is relatively small. Although there are hundreds of latex pads on the Internet, generally this kind of latex is all artificial, and its thermal insulation and quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, if you prefer to pursue economic development and cost-effective friends, you can choose Zongdian. After reading the detailed introduction of latex mats and mats, Foshan Mattress Factory believes that everyone has a better understanding of latex mats and mats. Everyone should buy according to their own situation.
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