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Foshan mattress factory tells you what kind of mattress is good for the lumbar spine

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-26
Foshan Mattress Factory tells you what kind of mattress is good for the lumbar spine. Different mattresses are suitable for different groups of people: 1. Foam mattresses: foam mattresses for men, adolescents and adolescents who develop in adolescence provide a firm support point for the body and can buffer the vibrations caused by body posture. Will not harm the quality of sleep. However, the foam mattress is harder, suitable for adolescents and children to produce a good posture, or for some men who like to sleep on a hard bed. 2. Natural latex mattress: People who focus on natural latex mattresses have gaps to allow the circulation of goods in the air circulation system, and they are also strong and durable. The natural latex mattress is soft and full of extensibility, can show accurate support points for the entire body, has good water absorption capacity, and feels comfortable. Natural latex has a high density, so this type of mattress looks heavy and has a strong recovery. It is suitable for people with higher rest weight, but the actual effect is not so obvious for people with very light rest weight. 3. Bouncing yellow mattress: For those who are not easily disturbed, bouncing the yellow mattress spreads the average net weight of the body over the entire mattress to prevent all parts of the body from being subjected to excessive work pressure. It is suitable for people who are not easily disturbed by their partners and have high requirements for the ductility and endurance of the mattress. 4. Silk cotton mattress: Women's silk cotton mattress is very silky, closer to skin and meat, with very good air permeability, and does not stick to the skin. It is a very suitable mattress for women's sleep quality, but because of its color, it is not suitable for men who fall asleep and roll over. Foshan Mattress Factory reminds you: The mattress will need to be replaced in eight years. Like the elastic yellow mattresses that are used more today, if the elastic yellow loses its ductility over time, the contrasting force will be harmed. If it is used again, it will not maintain the normal physiological curvature of the body's spine. Generally speaking, the yellowing of mattresses of 8 to 10 years has entered a low period, and no matter how good the mattress is, it should be 'retired' in 17 years.
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