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Foshan mattress factory-how to choose a mattress that suits you

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-17
Many people like to sleep on soft mattresses, and many people like to sleep on hard mattresses. If you suddenly change to a mattress with a very different soft strength, you will be particularly uncomfortable in sleeping. So how do you choose a mattress that suits you? Foshan Mattress Factory will give you a brief introduction. 1. Spring spring Generally, customers know that there are two differences: one-piece spring and pocket independent spring. Nowadays, mainstream products should all be pushed into pockets with more independent springs, but it does not mean that the one-piece springs are inferior. The advantage of bagged independent springs is that each spring is individually wrapped in non-proof cloth, and then the packaging bags are glued together with hot melt, which affects each other. For example, if two couples fall asleep, it is not easy for one person to sleep on the side. The spring on the other side is harmed, but the overall springback is stronger than the one-piece spring. Foshan Mattress Factory proposes: It is better to choose a bag of independent springs for mattresses below 10,000 yuan. 2. Fillings There are many types of fillings, and the Eight Immortals have their own magical powers. The common ones are natural latex, coconut palm, mountain palm, jute, memory foam, and 3D sponge. Costs are different, and it is impossible to say which one must be stronger, but the filler should pay attention to heat insulation. The environmental pollution problem of inferior mattresses is sometimes more serious than that of composite sheets. Because fillers are sometimes glued together. Foshan Mattress Factory proposes: Choose a brand with a perfect brand image, and the stability performance will be much higher. 3. The definition of fabrics is more refined than fillings. The salesman will tell him that his fabrics are breathable, antistatic, moisture-proof, breathable, temperature controllable, and can release negative air ions... …Foshan Mattress Factory proposes to care about fabrics when the budget is sufficient. 4. The first three of processing technology and heat insulation are all components of the mattress. The springs, fillers, and fabrics are assembled together. Nowadays, the processing technology of mainstream products is all glue guns. When it comes to super glue, there is no doubt that heat insulation should be mentioned. It has just been mentioned that in addition to the bad raw material level of the fake mattress, the super glue used is also poor, which will cause problems such as formaldehyde pollution. Foshan Mattress Factory proposes: From the perspective of environmental protection, it is also necessary to buy a reliable and well-known brand.
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