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Foshan mattress factory direct sales how to choose a mattress that suits you

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-24
Mattresses range from a few hundred yuan to hundreds of thousands. People with good sleep quality can easily fall asleep, so they can feel the feeling of buying a mattress for less than tens of thousands of yuan. The seller of mattresses will definitely tell you whether the more expensive the better? Really not necessarily! Those who sleep with backaches are mostly not because the mattress is not good, but because it is too soft or too hard. Foshan mattress factory direct sales will teach you how to choose the mattress that suits you. Some people like to sleep on soft mattresses, and some like to sleep on hard mattresses. If you suddenly change to a mattress with a big difference in hardness, even the top five-star hotel-level mattress may not be used to sleeping. Judging from the consumption data, most Chinese people like to be slightly harder. I will talk about the choice of softness and hardness later, let's talk about the mattress itself. Here we only discuss the mainstream spring mattresses on the market. The quality is mainly based on the spring, filling layer, fabric and assembly process. 01 spring spring General consumers know that there are two differences: conjoined spring and pocket independent spring. At present, the mainstream should push more pocket independent springs, but it does not mean that the conjoined springs are inferior. Independent pocketed springs The advantage of pocketed independent springs is that each spring is individually wrapped in non-woven fabric, and then the bags are glued together with hot melt adhesive, so that they do not interfere with each other. For example, if two couples fall asleep, one person Turning over will basically not affect the spring on the other side, but the overall resilience is better than the one-piece spring. For mattresses under RMB 10,000, it is better to choose independent springs in bags. 02 Fillings There are many types of fillings, all of which have their own magical powers. The common ones are latex, coconut palm, mountain brown, jute, memory foam, 3D sponge and so on. Costs are different, and we can't say which one is better, but the filling should pay attention to environmental protection. The air pollution problem of inferior mattresses is sometimes more serious than that of man-made panels. Because the filler may need to be glued together. Choose a brand with mature brand awareness and a much higher degree of safety. 03The concept of fabrics is more refined than fillings. The sales staff may tell you that her fabrics are breathable, anti-static, waterproof, sweat-absorbent, constant temperature, anti-bacterial, disinfectable, and release negative ions, etc. Wait, it’s almost up to the sky... Another big brand or high-end mattress fabric, you will find that they use a fabric called 'BekaertBekaert Desri. But basically it also cooperates with big brand mattresses. If you use this fabric for mattresses of other small workshops and small brands, you are right to turn around. It must be foolish. Pay attention to top fabrics when the budget is sufficient. This is the icing on the cake. 04 Craftsmanship and environmental protection are the first three parts of the mattress. The springs, fillers, and fabrics are assembled together. Now the mainstream craft is spray glue. Speaking of glue, we must talk about environmental protection. I also mentioned that inferior mattresses are not good in terms of materials, and the glue used is also poor, which may cause problems such as excessive formaldehyde. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is also necessary to buy a reliable brand.
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