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Foshan Mattress Company-What to do if the spring mattress makes a noise

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-16
Many people find that spring mattresses make noise when they move. Generally speaking, spring mattresses will not appear until after 5-7 years of use. Do you know the reason for these noises? How do we solve this problem? Foshan Mattress Company will just talk about it briefly. Check the cause of the noise from the spring mattress: whether you want to replace a new mattress or maintain the place where the noise is heard, you must first find out the cause of the noise from the spring mattress. You can try According to the entire area of u200bu200bthe mattress, try to find the exact part of the mattress that emits noise. After confirming the position and direction, maintenance can be carried out. In addition to the spring, the key position of the problem will also be the support frame of the mattress. , The junction of the bed frame and other areas. There are many reasons, such as: the spring is broken, the mattress is offset in the middle, the support frame is not balanced around, the structure is loose or the oil needs to be oiled. The method to solve the noise of spring mattress: 1. Rotate the box spring. First remove the mattress, and then turn 180 degrees to reorder the small box springs. This means that the end of the spring at the top of the bed now has to be turned to the bottom of the bed. After arranging the spring components of the small box by yourself, put the mattress into the origin and carry out the inspection. 2. Tighten all the spare parts. Check the bed frame and bedroom bed board to ensure that all nuts, screws and anchor bolts are tightened. Sometimes when your bed frame is too loose, a part of metal or wood will hit each other with every posture you have been doing by the bed and cause noise. 3. Add blocks under the mattress. Add a rigid block under the mattress in different areas. Placing a book or similar object under your mattress can make your bed scream. Try to put the book on the top of the bed, then put the bed on the bottom of the bed to see if the noise is reduced. 4. Lubricate the bed frame. Take out the mattress and springs. Spray all-purpose lubricating spray on the metal material or wooden shelf where the screws and anchor bolts belong. This will cause all the parts of the bed frame that will be audible to be lubricated now, and the rubbing position will become more and more silent. 5. The spring in the box is lubricated. Remove the mattress, and the rotating box will pop up for easy access to the felt cover. Make a small round hole in the middle of the felt material of the box spring. Spray lubricating oil on each spring and other areas to clean up metal materials or wood scratches. Use the stapler to reinstall the felt back. Check to see if it sounds. If you cannot deal with the sound of the spring mattress according to the above methods, or if you find that the mattress and spring have been damaged, then you have to replace it.
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