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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers tell you how much damage to your body if you don’t sleep for 24 hours!

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-26
Nowadays, life in big cities is under great pressure, and all kinds of work, entertainment, etc. are constantly busy. If you do not pay enough attention to and protect your health, it will cause great harm to your body. Studies have shown that if you often sleep well, insomnia will directly affect the length of life. As it is said that there is no body, there is no other way to talk about it. So, if you don't sleep for 24 or more hours, what kind of harm will it cause to your body? Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers are here to tell you. Decreased brain function The brain is like a computer's CPU, which is the central processing unit. If the computer has been working for a long time, the heat dissipation is not good, and there are many processes, the computer is prone to crash or blue screen. Similarly, after a person stays up for 24 hours, it is easy to cause symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and vertigo. Moreover, the efficiency of working overtime and staying up late seems not as high as working during the day. This is something we all have more or less experience. Indeed, such a study was published in the European Journal of Sleep Research: When scientists used an advanced functional MRI system to scan the brains of 17 normal people with lack of sleep, they found that the brain is responsible for thinking and attention. The activity of the area has dropped by 8%, which means that after 24 hours of sleep away from the body, the function of the brain and the speed of thinking will be greatly reduced. Want to complete the company's tasks overnight? You will spend more time than doing this work during the day! In the endocrine system disorder, not only the brain needs sleep, but other parts of the body also need to be adjusted and rested during sleep. Even if there is only 24 hours of sleep time away, the body's endocrine system will be disturbed to a considerable extent. At this time, the concentration of leptin, the hormone that can tell the brain 'I'm fullCan't bear the skyrocketing appetite, and at this time you will be more likely to eat low-nutrient and high-calorie foods. The call of hunger will not only wipe out your weight loss efforts in the previous months, but will also plant more hidden dangers of obesity. Gastrointestinal tract dysfunction The two activities of sleep and diet affect each other through a complex network of hormones in the body. When sleep is disturbed, the digestive system will inevitably produce a series of problems. After staying up for 1 day, you will feel obvious nausea and sometimes even vomiting. This discomfort can be seen as a warning and resistance from your body. Nervous dysfunction is not asleep for 24 hours. Two panda eyes are a terrible testimony. Unclosed eyes make the eye muscles in a state of continuous tension. At this time, the blood flow in the eye is slower than usual. The accumulation of some metabolites in the blood vessels causes the blood vessels to appear bluish purple. In addition, the skin around the eyes is thin and tender, which is easy to expose under the skin. The appearance of covered blood vessels produces obvious dark circles. At the same time, due to the poor return of blood, falling bags under the eyes and bloodshot eyeballs are often nightmares. In this case, even the best cosmetics will never recover. Immune system declines You may have such a life experience: people who are deprived of sleep are easy to get sick. Indeed, sleep-deprived human immunity will decrease. This finding has been confirmed by a variety of studies: researchers from the University of Lübeck, Germany, after vaccinating 19 healthy adults with hepatitis A vaccine, half of them stayed on weekdays Normal sleep time, while the other half stayed awake for 24 hours, and then measured the concentration of hepatitis A virus antibodies in their bodies. It was found that in the regular sleep group, the concentration of the vaccine antibody in the body was the same as that in the 24 hour sleepless group. 2 times, another study conducted with influenza vaccine has similar results. Sleep deprivation makes the function of white blood cells, the guardian of the body, greatly compromised, resulting in a decline in the body's resistance to diseases.
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