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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers teach you how to maintain your bedding

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-12
Will you punctually take the quilt to the sun? How long has it been since the mattress was invited outside to ventilate? Remember when was the last time you washed your pillow? These partners who accompany us faithfully every night also need our care and care. After enjoying the good sleep they bring us, take some care to maintain them. They are not greedy at all, and punctual exposure and cleaning are almost fine, but there are still some small tricks to pay attention to. Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers will tell you. Mattress: Adjust the direction on time. After buying a good mattress, improper use or poor maintenance will affect the life of the mattress. For the health of ourselves and our family members, we must bravely shoulder the burden of maintaining the mattress. Here are a few tips for maintaining mattresses for our reference. Punctually adjust the direction. After the newly-purchased mattress starts to be used, it is necessary to perform front-to-back and top-to-bottom turning movements every three months to make each part of the mattress evenly stressed and increase the service life of the mattress. After the mattress is used, slender dents will appear on the body curve. This is a normal phenomenon in the use of the mattress, indicating that the mattress can provide comfortable care for the body, rather than manufacturing defects. To balance these dents, just flip the mattress on time. Insist on air circulation in the place where the mattress is used. In order to ensure that the inner material of the mattress is not damp, and to increase the comfort of the mattress, it is necessary to maintain air circulation in the room where the mattress is used. Avoid spotting heavy pressure on the mattress. Avoid standing on the mattress or doing single-point jumps or fixed-point heavy pressure. This will cause uneven stress on the mattress. Avoid sitting on the edge for a long time and shorten the service life of the mattress. Stick to cleanliness. It is necessary to improve the hygiene of the bedding, dry the mattress and mattress frequently, clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner on time, and insist on cleaning. If the mattress is infected with stains, you can use toilet paper or cloth to absorb the water, and do not wash it with water or detergent. There is a habit of using bedcloths or cleaning pads, and avoid lying in bed after bathing or sweating, let alone using electrical appliances or smoking in bed. Do not use water to clean the mattress. In case of liquid pours and penetrates into the inner layer of the mattress, do not wash it with water. You should immediately squeeze it with a strong hygroscopic rag, and then use a hair dryer with cold and warm air (hot air is strictly prohibited) or an electric fan to dry it. Quilt: You are knowledgeable when exposed to the sun. Just expose the quilt to the sun. If you are wrong in thinking this way, don't commit the following 'three sins': Exposure time is too long, too often. Many people like to move the quilt to the rooftop after waking up on the weekend, and then take it back until sunset. The exposure time is from 11 noon to 2 pm. Generally, cotton fiber will reach a certain degree of swelling when exposed to the sun for three or four hours. It has already received a good exposure effect, but the exposure time is too long and the number of times is too much. It will cause the cotton fiber to shorten and cause it to fall, and the warmth of the quilt will be greatly reduced. Especially duvets and woolen quilts, because their raw materials contain oil, these substances will undergo chemical changes after exposure to the sun, produce peculiar smells, discoloration and easy cracking, etc., they only need to be placed in a dry and ventilated place to dry one or two Hours. Pillows: must be cleaned. Some people clean the pillowcases on time, but they never clean the pillows. Because many people think that the pillowcase is enough to maintain the pillow, just clean the pillowcase on time to keep the pillow clean and hygienic. In fact, it is not. When we sleep, the saliva and sweat secreted by us will penetrate into the pillow, breed bacteria, cause allergies and diseases, so we have to wash the pillow every 3-6 months. Different pillows require different cleaning and maintenance. Latex pillows should be soaked in cold detergent, lightly pressed with your hands, and then rinsed repeatedly with clean water. After that, wrap it with a dry cloth to absorb most of the water and place it in a cool place to air dry. Do not expose it to the sun to avoid deterioration and oxidation of the material. Pay special attention to down pillows. Because down is easy to ball up when exposed to water, it should not be washed in water. During maintenance, you can pat the pillow with your hands to make it loose, and take it to a ventilated place to blow it out to remove sweat and moisture.
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