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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers teach you how to choose a sponge mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-12
Want to buy a foam mattress, how to choose a foam mattress? 1. Price: Doping makes fake sponges greatly reduce costs and low prices due to the addition of stone powder; polyurethane materials used in pure sponges are more expensive than adulterated sponges; 2. Look: sponge craftsmanship is mainly divided into two categories -Foaming and PU. Doping makes the fake sponge foam unevenly and has large pores. The pure sponge has small and uniform holes; 3. Touch: the pure sponge feels fine and smooth, and the doping makes the fake sponge feel rough and has very poor elasticity; squeezing, it seems that the sponge of the same thickness and hardness, the doping makes the fake sponge squeeze It is prone to dents when pressed, and it will not be able to play for a long time. The pure sponge has strong support and it is difficult to deform after long squeezing; 4. Life: Adulterated sponges are prone to slipping due to the addition of stone powder and hand picking. Pure sponge is durable; the tensile strength of adulterated sponge is compared with pure sponge, the sponge with the same appearance, the longer the stretch, the better the tensile strength. The fracture strength of adulterated sponge and pure sponge is compared. For sponges with the same appearance, pure sponges can bear more strength.
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