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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers talk about the advantages and disadvantages of spring mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-12
Spring mattresses are the most popular mattresses on the market today. Its structure mainly includes springs, felt pads, palm mats, foam layers and bed surface textile fabrics. In the mattress family, the spring mattress has the longest history and the most proficient manufacturing process. It also has good elasticity and impact resistance. Next, follow Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers to see the advantages of spring mattresses! Advantages: The biggest advantage of anti-insect and anti-mildew + uniform load-bearing spring mattress is that using independent spring barrels or independent bags, after a certain process, can effectively prevent mold or moth-eaten, and prevent the spring from shaking due to mutual friction. Make noise. Moreover, the three-section partitioned independent spring design designed according to the ergonomic principle can effectively and evenly support each part of the body, keep the spine naturally straight, and relax the muscles sufficiently, thereby reducing people's turning over during sleep The number of times, it is easier to achieve deep sleep. Disadvantages: easy to make neck and shoulder stiffness and waist pain + glue and material contamination In order to ensure the quality of the spring, when selecting materials, there are anti-rust chemicals on the surface of the steel wire inside the spring. Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers remind everyone that the spring bed arranged by chain springs may cause the cervical and lumbar spine muscles to be in a state of tension, resulting in neck and shoulder stiffness and waist pain. In order to fix the inner cushion material interlayer, the mattress with independent spring arrangement needs a lot of super glue, and the interlayer material with up to three layers in the middle is also the place where dirt is contained. Tips When buying a spring mattress, check whether the thickness of the spring mattress is sufficient. The industry stipulates that the thickness of the spring mattress should not be less than 60cm; pay attention to whether the mattress and the four corners are flat on the same level; press it with your hands and rebound in time. There should be no spring friction sound. You can observe whether there is rust inside the mattress. The elasticity of the mattress needs to be tested personally. Generally speaking, moderate hardness is the best for the spine. When buying a spring mattress, a mattress that is too long or too short is not conducive to personal sleep stretch. The most suitable measurement method is to add 20 cm to the individual's height. General comments on mattresses Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers mentioned that spring mattresses are very common. The most important characteristics of springs include support, elasticity, sturdiness and durability, but the quality and comfort of the springs are critical to the quality and comfort of the mattress.
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