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Foshan hotel mattress manufacturer tells how to deal with old mattresses that have been replaced

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-24
With the rapid economic development, people's pursuit of quality of life and the continuous improvement of home furnishing requirements. It has become commonplace to update the home. In the renovation of the home, the replaced household items, if they are small items, can be thrown into the trash can and simply disposed of. But if it is a large item, such as a mattress, how to deal with it? Foshan hotel mattress manufacturers are here to tell you.   Let’s first take a look at how foreign countries deal with this. In the United States, residents only need to call a fixed phone, and the local recycling company will come to collect large items. In Japan, residents need to go to convenience stores and other places to buy garbage disposal tickets and stick them on them, so that large items will be transported away. If they are thrown away casually, residents will face the risk of fines or sentence. In Germany, residents can call the cleaning staff and they will transport the bulky items to the garbage disposal plant for processing. In China, due to the rapid development of the real estate industry, the demand for home furnishings is increasing rapidly, leading to rapid replacement of home furnishings. For large items that are replaced, such as mattresses. Many people want to put on the second-hand market for auction, but there is not much market demand. Many people want to give away their friends and relatives, but because mattresses are personal items, many people are reluctant to accept old mattresses. Therefore, in China, the way many people dispose of the large objects they have replaced is to throw them directly at the garbage collection station or let the masters who collect the waste come to the door to recycle them at a low price. In fact, there is a more standardized method for handling large items that have been replaced. Large items that have been replaced-if they are not damaged, they can still be used, they can be donated to the relevant charity organization, and they can be reused.   Although China's current methods for treating large furniture waste such as mattresses are not perfect and popular, it is believed that there will be new breakthroughs in the near future.
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