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Foshan hotel mattress direct sales tell you how to choose a mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-22
About 1/3 of a person's life is spent in bed, and the mattress is one of our closest partners. A good mattress not only brings good sleep, but also benefits the back and spine. How to choose a good mattress? Today, Foshan hotel mattress direct sales talk about choosing mattresses. Is a mattress as soft as a cloud a good mattress? no. When sleeping, whether you lie on your back or on your side, the muscles around the spine will exert strength to maintain a certain degree of support. Sponge and other materials are too soft to provide enough support for the body. Therefore, when you wake up, you will have backaches and backaches. feel. Is a mattress as hard as the floor a good mattress? no. When the surface of the body comes into contact with a harder bed board, the more prominent parts of the body will bear all the pressure of the body like a 'bracketSo what is a good mattress and what is the most suitable mattress. There is a nine-character mantra: whether it is soft or hard and has enough support. The so-called not soft or hard, it is to avoid sponge, sofa cushion or hard bed board. Extremely, choose a mattress with moderate hardness. Sufficient support means that the mattress should keep the spine level when the human body sleeps on its side, and support the weight of the whole body on average when sleeping on the back. Among them, the most needed support is the relatively weak waist. There are currently four common mattresses on the market: spring mattresses, palm mattresses, foam mattresses and latex mattresses. It is not enough to choose a good mattress in 4 ways. The following 4 methods teach you to choose a good mattress. 1. Is it comfortable to touch the mattress? When touching the mattress, pay attention to the following points: the line on the fabric should be tight and tight, without wrinkles, jumpers, etc., the edges of the mattress are well-proportioned, and there is no burr phenomenon and heavy pressure on the mattress. There is no friction inside, and it feels very comfortable. 2. Smell whether the liner has an irritating smell. Open the zipper and check the mattress liner. Smell the liner to see if the smell is pungent. 3. Lie down and feel whether it fits your body. Many businesses now recommend that you experience the mattress yourself, then lie down and sleep for ten minutes. If this mattress has good resilience and fits the curve of the body, there is nothing wrong with it! It is even better if the double mattress does not feel the shaking of the mattress when one person turns over. 4. See if there is a 'China Environmental Label'. We will consider the environmental protection of decoration materials or furniture when decorating, but few people pay attention to the environmental protection of mattresses. If the mattress is not environmentally friendly, the immediate threat is your own safety! The most direct means of inspection is to ask for the 'China Environmental Labeling Certificate.' In addition, mattresses with 0 formaldehyde content do not exist, and any furniture material more or less contains formaldehyde. But as long as the formaldehyde content of the mattress meets the standard and is far below the national standard, it is a good mattress.
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