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Foshan hotel mattress direct sales tell you can discharge thermal blankets under latex mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-21
'Can I use an electric blanket under the latex pad'? With the advent of winter, electric blankets have become a must-have for many people. If no one warms the bed, they can only use electric blankets. Can latex pads be placed on electric blankets? In order to test whether it can be used, Foshan Hotel Mattress Direct placed a latex pillow and a fiber pillow on the electric blanket at the same time. After waiting for 8 hours, it was found that the latex pillow had smoked. Pull the latex pillow up and down. It has begun to melt, and it has even zoomed. Latex can gather heat to generate high temperature. According to measurement, the temperature under the latex pillow has reached 220 degrees, while the temperature under the fiber pillow is only more than 40 degrees; this is because latex pillows have a good heat absorption function, which stores heat and is used for long periods of time. The temperature will accumulate under the electric blanket, which is harmful to personal safety. Moreover, after the temperature of the latex mattress exceeds 45 degrees, the latex will become soft, resulting in deformation, yellowing and other problems, which directly affect the service life of the latex pad, which is also the reason why the latex pad cannot be sun-dried. So everyone must not let the latex pad come into contact with high temperature environment. As for everyone’s concerns, will it be cold without the electric blanket? After communicating with many friends through the tree, there is no need to worry at all. Putting on a latex mattress is warmer in winter; if you are really afraid of the cold, you can put a blanket on it to solve this problem. Electric blankets cannot be folded and stored. When it comes to electric blankets, one has to talk about the storage of electric blankets; because many people store electric blankets in their homes, they will adopt folding methods to save storage space. Little did they know that the wires inside the electric blanket have serious safety hazards after such repeated folding. After experimenting, the wires on the electric blanket were energized after being rubbed for many times, and the dummy mannequin was placed on the electric blanket. After 6 hours of energization, it was found that the temperature under the model was as high as 170 degrees; and a fire started immediately. So be careful.
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