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Foshan hotel mattress direct sales manufacturers teach you experience in choosing mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-11
In the past, many people slept on hardboard beds. With the progress of the times and the rapid economic development, the emergence of mattresses replaced hardboard beds in people's minds. There are many types of mattresses, and the degree of hardness is also different. Consumers also want to know what kind of mattress is good during the purchase process. Next, the Foshan hotel mattress direct sales manufacturer will teach you how to buy a mattress.  1. What kind of mattress is good? One of the major characteristics of the brown mattress is that it is relatively hard, can prevent moisture, its permeability is relatively strong, and it can also be used in winter and summer. At the same time, the palm mattress has super high health care function, which is very suitable for elderly friends who like hard points and developing children. Palm mattresses have been treated with mothproofing and antibacterial treatments, which are healthy, environmentally friendly and very durable, making them the choice of many families. Functionality is more prominent.   Latex is a natural material, derived from the sap of the rubber tree, which is very precious. Latex mattresses made of latex have strong elasticity. The important thing is that they can meet the needs of people of different weights, can well adapt to the various sleeping postures of consumers, can correct poor sleeping postures, and sterilize The effect of detoxification, no noise, effectively gives sleepers a better sleep. It is the best choice for patients with insomnia.   memory foam mattress is a mattress made of memory foam, which has many characteristics such as decompression, slow rebound, temperature sensitivity, breathability, antibacterial and anti-mite. This kind of mattress can effectively absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body, and at the same time, it can adjust the degree of softness and hardness according to the temperature of various parts of the human body, and perfectly shape the body contour. After medical verification, the memory foam mattress can also effectively relieve the skeletal muscles. Pain, auxiliary treatment of cervical and lumbar problems, is a mattress especially suitable for pregnant women and sensitive people. Office workers can also try this mattress.   spring mattress is a modern commonly used mattress with better performance, and its cushion core is composed of springs. The cushion has the advantages of good elasticity, better support, strong air permeability, and durability. The local spring force of the spring mattress is too large, which is harmful to the body. It can't be discovered in a short time, and it will cause great harm if it takes a long time. Therefore, it is called the 'hidden killer' by experts. Therefore, it is recommended to use this type of mattress sparingly. Now this mattress is relatively rare in the market.  Second, the experience of the mattress purchase method    depends on the structure  The structure of the mattress directly affects its service life. The adhesive used to fix each layer of the mattress will hinder air circulation, which means that we have to endure sultry sleep, and at the same time pay for the materials that do not help the quality of sleep. Generally speaking, mattresses with 3-5 layers of main structure are more reasonable. Some structures with 7, 8, or even more than a dozen layers not only affect the air permeability, but also question the improvement of sleep quality. Most of the adhesives contain formaldehyde. Will have an adverse effect on health. Fabric When we see a mattress, the first thing we see is its fabric. Better mattress fabrics have the same tightness of quilting, without wrinkles, jumpers and floating lines, and the edges of the mattress are evenly curved. No burrs are exposed. There is no rubbing sound when we press the mattress with our hands, and it feels comfortable and soft. On the contrary, it is undoubtedly a poor quality mattress. So when buying a mattress, you might as well press it with your hand to feel the texture.   There are many types of mattresses. Brown mattresses, latex mattresses, and memory foam mattresses are all considered by modern people when buying bedding. Of course, these mattresses have their own advantages according to their different materials. There are many know-hows in the process of buying a mattress. We can judge the quality of the mattress according to the structure, fabric and some details of the mattress.
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