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Foshan hotel mattress direct sales introduction mattress knowledge

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-10
Foshan Hotel Mattress Direct Sales Introduction Mattress Knowledge A good mattress with moderate hardness should allow people to get a good rest effect no matter what sleeping posture they are in. People with a too soft mattress are prone to dent their whole body, leading to unrelaxed spine and chronic muscle strain. When waking up, they will feel tired. A mattress that is too hard will also reduce the comfort and make the muscles unable to maximize the muscles. Relax. When choosing a mattress, the reliable way is to lie down and try it yourself. Irregularities and sunken beds are not the characteristics of a good mattress. Then you can apply pressure to the mattress with your elbows or knees to observe whether the mattress rebounds in time. The fit is also one of the criteria for observing the quality of the mattress. It fits perfectly with the shoulders, waist, and hips, leaving no gaps. If the gap is too large, the mattress is too hard, and the fit is too high, the mattress is too soft. . In addition to the important internal materials of the fabric mattresses that are close to the skin, the material of the fabric is also very important, because the first thing that touches the skin is the fabric. The quality of the fabric is directly related to the comfort of the skin. There are many kinds of mattress fabrics, and each has different characteristics, mainly satin fabrics, pure cotton fabrics, and chemical fiber fabrics. The satin fabric is made of warp and weft interwoven, smooth and delicate, rich in luster; while the pure cotton fabric is comfortable and breathable, and the elasticity is moderate; the chemical fiber fabric is cheap and has a stiff hand feeling. Therefore, when purchasing a mattress, in addition to paying attention to the material of the inner core of the mattress, you should also pay attention to the material of the mattress fabric. Maintenance skills Only when the mattress is in a good condition can we provide us with a comfortable sleep. A good mattress also needs good maintenance. After the new mattress is put into use, it is normal to have natural depressions with traces of the body, which is a symbol of the mattress recording the body curve. Usually be careful not to bend the mattress, otherwise it is easy to cause irreversible damage to the mattress, and in order to avoid excessive local load on the mattress, the mattress should be turned upside down or the head and tail should be reversed regularly to make the force of the mattress equal , Maintain elastic balance. Colleagues usually avoid sitting on the corner or edge of the mattress for a long time, which may cause excessive local stress. If you want to extend the cleanliness of the mattress and the life of the fabric, you can add a mattress cover to the mattress, and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the mattress regularly to keep it dry and not exposed to the sun.
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