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Foshan hotel mattress direct sales introduce the thickness of baby mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-11-20
Generally, the thickness of the mattress used by infants is about 10 cm to 15 cm. Such a thickness can ensure the safety of the children. If you need to choose a baby mattress, let's get to know the specific situation with Foshan Hotel Mattress Direct Sales.  The material of the mattress For example, the thickness of a sponge mattress is more than 10 cm, and this thickness can form a good protection for the child. If it is a palm-based mattress, the thickness is about 12 cm, which can form a comfortable space. If it is made of rubber, the thickness is about 6 cm, so that it can meet the needs of children.  The size of the mattress  The size of the mattress is different, and the thickness is also different. Generally, a mattress with a length and width of 1.2*0.8 meters has a thickness of about 8 cm, and it can be spread flat or stacked. If the length and width of a mattress are 0.8*0.6 meters, then its thickness is about 10 cm. Such mattresses are generally spread flat, and when stacked, they appear smaller.  The style of the mattress   The style of the mattress will also affect its thickness. Some mattresses are rectangular, and their thickness is generally not more than 10 cm, because such mattresses are simply spread out. If it is a square mattress, the thickness is more than 10 cm. Such a mattress can be used underground or on a flat bed.  The function of the mattress  Now baby mattresses have more functions, and different functional mattresses have different thicknesses. Some mattresses can be used as creeping pads with a thickness of about 12 cm, and some mattresses can wrap the child. Such mattresses are generally about 4 cm thick.  The workmanship of the mattress   The thickness of the mattress is also affected by the different workmanship. Some mattresses are hand-sewn, and the thickness is generally about 5 cm. For example, a mattress with a cotton lining will not be too thick. If it is a machine-processed mattress, such a mattress is generally about 8 cm thick, which is more convenient to process, so it can be made thicker. Some mattresses are processed by fully automatic equipment, and the thickness design can be more flexible.  The thickness of the baby mattress has different scales, which can be used in different seasons and for different purposes. When choosing a baby mattress, we should be optimistic about its main functions. Because many mattresses have protective functions, they can also be used as a quilt for wrapping children. Pay attention to the specific application in the selection of thickness, so that you can choose a good baby mattress.
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