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Foshan hotel mattress direct sales analysis independent tube spring mattressu200b

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-12-25
Foshan hotel mattress direct sales analysis independent tube spring mattress mattress development has a long history, spring mattress has become the mainstream. People's pursuit of healthy and comfortable sleep is no longer a separate bed. The mattress has become an important part of the quality of sleep. Mature spring technology makes the structure and structure of the mattress more complex while maintaining stability. Compared with the whole net spring, the emergence of independent springs is more significant for healthy sleep. · The characteristics of independent springs Independent springs are each spring into a bag independently, a single spring bag is loaded with fiber bags or cotton bags, and different rows are arranged in a fixed connection. Each spring body operates independently and compresses independently. · The advantages of independent spring mattresses Compared with the traditional one-line whole mesh springs and wire-drawn springs, the independent spring mattresses avoid the instability after load-bearing and are prone to sound weakness. When the force is alone, the pressure is greater. Foshan Hotel mattress direct sales mentioned that the independent spring mattress has a single independent packaging, which reduces the sound of friction between the metal springs and is silent. · The continuous improvement of the manufacturing technology of the functional partition of the independent spring mattress makes the design of the independent spring mattress more user-friendly. The division of the mattress has developed from five zones to seven and nine zones. The head, neck, spine, waist, legs and other body parts are individually stressed according to different gravity. · Independent spring mattresses are individually differentiated and load-bearing. The independent spring mattresses can withstand the areas with greater body gravity, and will be equipped with corresponding greater supporting force, such as the lower back, buttocks, so that all parts of the body can be strongly supported. Sleep comfortably while maintaining a healthy body. Foshan Hotel mattress direct sales introduced that high-quality mattresses can effectively support the pressure of various parts of the human body, keep the spine straight, and avoid the occurrence of spinal and lumbar diseases. The scientific ergonomic design of the independent spring mattress satisfies this point well. Pan Feng Home Furnishing independent tube spring mattress, reasonable division to break down the body pressure. The human body fully fits the bed surface during sleep, forming a double sleep aid with independent pocket springs, no noise, and more peaceful sleep.
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