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Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales tells about the types of health care mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-07
After busy work, our mind and body need a good sleep for energy replenishment. A good sleep is inseparable from a good mattress. Health-care mattresses are a variety of mattresses that have emerged in recent years, and there are many types. , Today, let us approach the health-care mattress, and follow the Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales to talk about the types of health-care mattresses and the health-care effects of the health-care mattresses. Types of health-care mattresses Memory foam mattresses of health-care mattresses Memory foam health-care mattresses are a very common one. They are made of a special temperature-sensitive and pressure-reducing material, which can provide comfortable support and hardness, and can sense and remember the human body curve. , Perfectly shaped according to the ups and downs of the human body, completely fits the human body, makes all parts in a stress-free state, promotes blood circulation, relieves body fatigue and soreness, and avoids the traditional mattress that causes fatigue and stiff neck due to the overhead bending of the neck and waist. Make the cervical spine and spine completely relax and rest, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary turning over during sleep, reducing snoring, muscle soreness and other conditions to achieve health care effects. The magnetic therapy mattress of the health care mattress. There are hundreds of magnets installed in the mattress. When the human body lies on it, these magnetic blocks can comfortably and evenly touch all parts of the body to produce a massage effect and emit weak magnetism. , Promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, soothe the body and mind, in order to achieve health care effects.  The heating and cooling air-conditioning mattress of the health-care mattress   The heating and cooling air-conditioning mattress is composed of four parts: the heating and cooling temperature control host, the hose, the mattress, and the remote control. Its working principle is to connect the mattress and the main unit with a hose, add pure water from the water injection port, heat or cool the water through the main unit, and then introduce the temperature-adjusted water into the mattress to exchange heat and cold with the human body. The heating and cooling air-conditioning mattress is safe and environmentally friendly, no electromagnetic radiation, no noise, and it is small in size, can be folded arbitrarily, and can be stowed when not in use, saving space.   In addition, there are water mattresses, tourmaline mattresses, ura grass mattresses, etc., which are also common health care mattresses, but they are not widely used, so I won't go into details. Health care effect of health mattress 1. Promote blood circulation. We all know that there is a kind of multifunctional mattress that contains tourmaline. The characteristic of tourmaline is that it can generate a weak current of 0.6mA, which is similar to the current passing through the human nerves and promotes blood circulation. Smooth, this multifunctional health mattress containing tourmaline ingredients is widely used in the field of health care. We sleep on it without doing anything to play a health care role. It is really an easy-to-use multifunctional health mattress.  2. Supplementing trace elements. It is said that jade can support people. There is a certain basis for this. The medical and fitness effects of jade on the human body have been discovered by humans very early. Jade has the functions of removing heat in the stomach, nourishing the five internal organs, and strengthening the muscles and bones. Modern technology has confirmed that multi-functional health mattresses containing jade have more than 30 trace elements such as iodine, zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, and calcium necessary for the human body. Supplements so many trace elements for our human body. The arrival of health-care mattresses can be said to be an innovation that allows people to better get a comfortable sleeping environment. The above is the introduction of health-care mattresses by Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales. If you are interested in it, then You might as well buy one for a good experience at home.
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