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Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales tell you these cold knowledge of mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-08
In most cases, brand owners will not tell consumers about the cold knowledge of a few mattresses. 1: The role of latex: The role of latex is actually breathability. As for the problem of anti-mite, under normal circumstances, mattresses are composed of many materials. There is a chance to breed mites. 2: Is latex better or memory foam better? Combined with the previous question, the advantage of latex is breathability, and the advantage of memory foam is uniform pressure relief. There is no difference between the two raw materials, which is better or worse? If memory foam is a sponge, it can also be understood that latex is also a sponge, but the raw material is rubber tree sap. 3: Memory foam is not breathable: The foaming process of memory foam determines that the material is not breathable, but it can be solved by drilling vents. 4: Where is latex good? The origin of raw materials must be Southeast Asia's advantage. Gao Xiaosong said in 'Xiaoshuo' that rubber trees were brought from South America to Southeast Asia during the great voyage. In terms of craftsmanship, Europe comes first, China comes second, and Southeast Asia comes second. 80% of Thailand's latex products are produced in Nantong, China. 5: Why did the doctor say to sleep on a hard bed? In fact, it is a problem of Chinese reading. It only needs one character, but two characters are needed to support it. The doctor said that the waist is difficult to sleep on a hard bed is actually in the correction stage, after correction, you still need to choose a mattress with support. 6: Why do the older generations say that hard beds are good? Because I was poor before, I couldn't afford a mattress, or the mattress entered China too late to buy. As a result, for a long time, the original S-shaped spine deformed and adapted to the rigid bed. 7: Beds used in five-star hotels Many brands use five-star hotels as a means of promotion, but in fact they are just telling them that they are suppliers of star hotels. The hotel model only plays a supporting role because it needs to consider the cost, life cycle, and fire protection issues, and is a relatively low-end product. 8: The hotel mattress is very comfortable. Taking on the previous problem, the hotel bed is very comfortable. It is actually a comprehensive system, including constant temperature, bedding, pillows, goose down cushions and so on. The mattress is actually part of it. 9: The structure of the mattress The mattress is divided into two parts according to its function, the support layer and the comfort layer. The support layer is simply a spring, and the comfort layer, as the name suggests, is to increase the comfort of the mattress through various materials. 10: Why are the price differences of many brands so big? Combined with the previous question, the different materials used in the comfort layer determine the price of the product. Generally speaking, the comfort layer only needs to be breathable and comfortable. Some relatively cheap materials can also achieve the comfort of high value-added raw materials.
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