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Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales tell you how to adjust your baby's sleeping position

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-08
I have introduced many issues of mattresses. I believe you have learned a little. Then do you know how your baby's sleeping position will be better based on a good choice of children's mattresses? Let's take a look at the direct sales of Foshan dormitory mattresses. Regarding the choice of sleeping position, in fact, it is not possible to generalize. There are advantages and disadvantages to sleeping on the back, side, and on the side, according to the baby's own situation. ①Supine safety advantages: This is a safe sleeping position on the whole. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all healthy babies should lie down and sleep, especially babies within half a year of age. Because lying on your back can greatly reduce the risk of 'Sudden Infant Death Syndrome'. In addition, babies who lie down rarely cause nasal diseases and ear infections. Disadvantages: Babies who are prone to spilling or spitting up milk are not suitable for lying on their backs, and aspiration may lead to aspiration pneumonia. ②Side lying is suitable for babies who are prone to spilling milk. Advantages: It is easy to bring a sense of security to the baby, because it is very similar to the posture in the mother's womb; the baby who is prone to spilling milk and spitting up milk is recommended to choose the right side to prevent milk choking and mistakes. Inhalation; when lying on the side, it can also reduce the retention of secretions in the throat and make the baby's airway smoother. Disadvantages: It is easy to become prone position to increase the risk of suffocation. Long-term lying on one side may also lead to tilted head or face size. ③Prone prone is dangerous, but there are many benefits. Advantages: The head will not be compressed when sleeping on the stomach, which is very helpful to shape the baby's round and correct head; when the baby is awake, practicing prone will help the baby's shoulder muscles and head Control the development of the ability; there is a certain pressure on the abdomen when lying on the stomach, which will have an unexpected effect on alleviating the baby's colic. Disadvantages: This posture is dangerous and can easily cause suffocation. I heard that babies who sleep on their stomachs are smarter, really? This statement is not unfounded. According to a report in the journal Pediatric Medicine, researchers studied the sleeping postures of 350 healthy babies and found that babies who often sleep on their stomachs have faster intellectual development, but babies who often lie on their backs can also be slower. Slowly catch up with the sleeping baby. In fact, for many young babies, sleeping on their stomach will make him feel more comfortable, because this posture is very close to the appearance of the fetus curled up in the womb, which is a kind of self-protection for the baby. Posture, he may feel more secure when sleeping on his stomach. In addition, when the baby is uncomfortable with intestinal colic, sleeping on his stomach can increase abdominal pressure, which can effectively relieve pain and discomfort. So, if your baby always likes to sleep on his stomach, it means that he is really smart, because he knows to actively choose a sleeping position that makes him more comfortable and safer.
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