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Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales tell you about mattress OEM and mattress ODM

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-07
I don’t know if you have heard of the terms OEM and ODM. These two words often appear in the furniture manufacturing industry. Friends who are new to this industry may not understand it. Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales are here to tell you. OEM is Original Equipment Manufacture (original equipment manufacturer), commonly known as 'foundry'. To use an easy-to-understand metaphor, company A (the client) proposes a mattress design plan, and then company B (the client) is entrusted to produce it. Why entrust company B to produce it? Because company A may not have the production capacity of this type of mattress, it can only entrust those manufacturers with production capacity and mature technology to carry out the production, but company B can only carry out the production, and shall not provide this solution for other third-party enterprises. The mattress design and products. It is what we often call 'foundry'. ODM is Original Design Manufacture (original design manufacturer), commonly known as 'OEMAfter developing this product, it cooperated with Company B and required Company B to use Company A’s trademark logo on this new product. As to whether company B can continue to produce and sell to other companies, it depends on whether company A buys out the design of the product. If it is not bought out, Company B can still continue production and sales according to the design plan of this mattress. To put it simply, mattress OEM is tailor-made for mattress brand manufacturers. After production, they can only use the brand trademark of Company A instead of the brand trademark of Company B for production and sales. This is an infringement. OEM actually represents a kind of division of labor, a kind of refinement of competition, the core of which is that enterprises must 'do what they are good at.' After reading the above, I don’t know if everyone understands, is there any dizziness? In fact, the main difference between the two is that the product has intellectual property rights. If company A has intellectual property rights, it is mattress OEM, that is, mattress 'OEM'. And if it is the B company's own design, it is the mattress ODM, that is, the mattress 'OEM'.
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