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Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales teach you how to choose a satisfactory mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-06
Mattresses are the main furniture for people's daily rest. Therefore, the comfort and quality of mattresses directly affect our sleep quality and physical health. There are so many types and materials of mattresses on the market, how should we choose as ordinary consumers? The following Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales tell you! 1. Spring mattresses Spring mattresses have been popular for decades and are the choice of many consumers. When buying a spring mattress, the main consideration is the collapse and comfort of the spring mattress. Test elasticity: When buying, you can use the vertical sitting method to sit on the mattress naturally. If the spring can produce a continuous rebound of 3-5 times, it means that the spring has good elasticity and support and can continue to return. Playing more means better. However, it should be noted that this is only a measure of support. Test comfort: Consumers should try to sleep for at least five minutes to see if the curvature of the waist can be well supported when sleeping, and observe whether the protruding parts of the hips and shoulders can sink well. The important thing is Check whether the spine maintains a natural state when sleeping on the side. Second, latex mattresses Latex mattresses are relatively expensive compared to spring mattresses. High-quality latex products will have a slight natural latex smell. If you smell the fragrance, you must be wary of whether the merchant is trying to cover up the taste of other synthetic ingredients. In addition, high-quality latex products should return to their original state immediately after pressing, and consumers can perceive their quality through elasticity. Generally speaking, only when latex mattresses are 5-7 cm thick can consumers feel the characteristics of latex wrapping. Latex mattresses lower than this thickness are actually meaningless. 3. Memory foam mattress The surface layer of memory foam mattresses currently on the market is a memory foam layer, and the lower layer is supported by high-elastic foam or springs. The memory foam layer should reach 4-6 cm, so that the comfort is better. When choosing a memory foam mattress, press the memory foam for 3 seconds, and the rebound time after letting go is about 5 seconds, which means that the product has good elasticity. Consumers can lie flat on the mattress and feel the support of the memory foam on the waist and back. The memory foam material has the taste of the raw material itself and is not irritating. After opening the bag, it will volatilize clean within 1 hour in a ventilated place. If the flavor of milk or coconut is likely to cover up some pungent odors, consumers must choose carefully.
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