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Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales talk about the internal structure of the spring mattress

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-05
The mattress market has developed to the present, and there are countless types. In addition to the common spring mattresses, latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, palm mattresses, there are also health-care mattresses, magnetic therapy mattresses, and a wide variety of them. However, spring mattresses are still widely used among all mattresses. They are common and have excellent cost performance in all aspects. The main body of a spring mattress is composed of springs. The general mattress is divided into five layers from the inside to the outside, which are cushion layer, bed net, felt pad, foam layer and textile fabric. The quality of a spring mattress depends on the structure of the inner spring bed net. Next, let's take a look at the composition of the inner bed net structure of different spring mattresses with the direct sales of Foshan dormitory mattresses. The connection type of the inner bed net of the spring mattress is a very traditional internal structure of the mattress spring. It connects and fixes the coils of springs with a relatively thick wire diameter with steel wires. The spring of this structure has a higher hardness and a firmer sleep feeling. Although the connected spring mattress has good support, it is obviously insufficient in elasticity. Connected spring mattresses are suitable for the elderly and children in the growth period. Most of the older generations in China are affected by their lifestyles, and most of them use connected spring mattresses. The inner bed net of the spring mattress is one line of steel and one line of steel structure. Each spring of the whole mattress is wound by a steel wire from the head of the bed to the end of the bed, and then connected in parallel. The mattress with this structure is very unique. Among all spring mattresses, its supporting force, average stress level, and pressure dispersion are strong. Although the front-line steel structure mattress has an increased force area of u200bu200b49% compared with the general spring mattress, it has a poor degree of comfort and fit with the human body curve. The independent tube pocketed independent tube pocket spring mattress of the inner bed net of the spring mattress is currently a hot product in the spring mattress market. The arrangement of this mattress is different from other mattresses. It uses one A canvas bag covers the springs, and then uses adhesives to arrange them into a mattress bed net. The mattress can provide a stable, yet soft and soft sleeping feeling. One person turns over and the other person hardly notices it. The honeycomb pocket honeycomb independent tube spring mattress of the inner bed net of the spring mattress is also one of the independent tube pocket spring mattresses. The difference between it and other independent tube mattresses lies in the arrangement. The honeycomb independent tube mattress is arranged in staggered arrangement with reference to the honeycomb arrangement. It can reduce the gap between the springs, improve the support and elasticity of the mattress, and reduce the traction force on the surface of the mattress to closely fit the human body. Curve, share the pressure. Summary: There are so many mattresses on the market. There are so many types of spring mattresses alone, let alone other mattresses. The process characteristics of different mattresses are different, and the sleep experience they bring is also different.
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