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Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales manufacturers teach you how to choose a mattress for your child

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-09
Because the child's body is still in the stage of growth and development, it is important to choose the right mattress. Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales manufacturers teach you how to choose children's mattresses: use scientific methods according to the characteristics of children's bone development, and effectively support and protect the three growth structure stages of children's bone growth, which is the child's spine, etc. Many important bone parts do not appear to be distorted and grow healthy. 1. Pay attention to the safety of children. Since children's self-protection awareness is not strong, when choosing a mattress, you must pay attention to the round corners. Do not choose those with angular mattresses, especially those containing wood chips and metal parts. It is easy Cause scratches to children. 2. The fabric should be breathable. Children's metabolism is strong and easy to sweat, so the mattress must have good breathability and water absorption. In this way, the bed surface can be kept clean and fresh at any time, and the quality of children's sleep can be guaranteed. In addition, because it is easier to stain, it must be removable and washable to prevent the growth of bacteria due to long-term use, which will cause adverse effects on the child's skin. 3. The material is better. At present, children's mattress materials on the market generally include latex, sponge, mountain palm, coconut palm and spring mattresses. Among these mattresses, it is recommended that you buy latex or coconut palm materials. The latex texture is soft and can be more sticky. It has a good shape, good breathability, and has a corrective function for poor sleeping posture.
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