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Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales introduces the characteristics of memory foam mattresses

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-05
Foshan dormitory mattress direct sales introduces the characteristics of memory foam mattresses. When using memory mattresses, care should be taken not to expose the mattress to direct sunlight, or to wash and wipe with clean water. Both sun exposure and washing will destroy the structure of memory foam and shorten its lifespan. Clean up the falling dust with a vacuum cleaner every week or every other week to keep it clean. The advantages of memory foam: excellent support: good conformability, it can remember the S-shaped curve of the human spine to give superior support to the back. After the pressure is released, it will gradually return to its original shape, allowing the body to naturally curve to the mattress and get full support. Self-sensing temperature: memory foam will change its hardness with temperature changes. The human body sleeps on the memory pad. The mattress can automatically sense the temperature of the human body to remember the unique shape of each part, and shape the object to reduce the number of turning over and waking up in the middle of the night. . Low resilience: lying on the top can quickly eliminate fatigue, the mattress itself can completely conform to the body curve, relax the tight muscles. Low rebound force means that when you lie down on your head and body, pillows and mattresses will not rebound immediately, but can be fixed in one place, which provides relatively stable support. Suction pressure cushioning: Memory foam can absorb the body's weight distribution and weight, effectively alleviate the pressure when the body is in contact with the mattress, and achieve the effect of supporting the body's weight and preventing waist injuries. Turning over without interference: When sleeping with your partner, if one of them turns over frequently, it may affect the other. The unique stress-relieving and shock-absorbing characteristics of memory foam prevent each other’s sleep from interfering with each other and can provide a truly good Sleep quality. Anti-bacterial and anti-mildew: Adopting complete anti-bacterial treatment, dust-free particles can achieve real anti-bacterial, dust-proof and anti-mildew. Memory appropriate position: It can simulate the weight distribution and body pressure of the human body, and memorize the appropriate position, to meet the different needs of each person, and provide a comfortable and fit sleep enjoyment for yourself. Stable and protect the body: Because it can receive strong falling body pressure and play a buffer function, it has a good protective effect on the body, and can provide stable and healthy sleep quality for patients with spinal diseases and the elderly. Note: The memory pad not only senses temperature but also has the characteristics of heat storage. Therefore, in an environment where the temperature continues to rise in summer, if there is no air-conditioning in the room, temporarily stop using the memory foam mattress. Secondly, the disadvantage of the old memory bed will harden when the temperature drops. Some industry players emphasized that the new generation of silicone mattresses added with anti-freeze sensor glue to overcome the shortcomings of general memory beds that will gradually harden. For memory foam products on the market, the foaming density of good memory foam products must be at least 40 or higher, so that it can feel its low resilience, high viscosity, shape retention and pressure absorption when it is used. In addition to the memory foam’s service function, some consumers feel that the mattress is too soft. It is recommended to buy a mattress style that combines memory foam and a separate tube to increase the support and elasticity of the mattress and make it more comfortable to sleep.
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