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Five-star hotel mattresses explain how to distinguish the quality and authenticity of auxiliary materials

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-17
Five-star hotel mattresses explain how to distinguish the quality and authenticity of auxiliary materials. Building materials include water pipes, wires, cement, glue, etc. Although these items generally do not need to be purchased by the owner, except for the clear package, we still need to know some to distinguish the truth Fake and good quality methods, so that the materials can be checked and accepted when they enter the site, so as not to be fooled by unscrupulous decoration companies.   Next, five-star hotel mattresses will teach you how to distinguish the quality and authenticity of auxiliary materials and no longer be fooled.   水管   Water pipes are concealed engineering materials, and generally we can't see them after the decoration, so the quality of the water pipes will directly affect the future use. Once a burst occurs, the consequences are unimaginable. The commonly used water pipe material is PPR pipe, which is non-toxic, pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The service life of a good PPR pipe can be more than 50 years, while a poor quality pipe is only 1-5 years.  Identification method   1. The wall thickness of a good tube is generally about 4.2mm, while the wall thickness of a bad tube may be thinner than 4mm.  2. Good pipes have no pungent smell during welding, while bad pipes will have.   3. The good tube is white and opaque, and the bad tube is slightly transparent; the good tube is neatly cut at both ends, without burrs, and the wall thickness of the tube is uniform, while the bad tube is rough.   4. Good pipes are flexible and won’t break when stepped on hard, and bad pipes will break when stepped on.  Wire   The installation of wires is as concealed as water pipes. Electricity and water are related to life and health. Therefore, the wires should be selected so as not only to make life practical and convenient, but also for the safety of the family.   Identification method   1. Take a wire and bend it repeatedly. If it feels soft, plastic or rubber feels elastic, and there are no cracks on the wire insulator, it is a genuine product.  2. Looking at the cross section of the copper core of the wire, it is true that the high-quality copper in the wire is bright and soft in color, while the yellowish white is inferior copper.  3. The plastic skin on the outer layer of a good wire should be bright in color and sago texture. The words on the wire body are stamped with steel, and it feels bumpy to the touch.  Glue  Glue is an important auxiliary material in home decoration, and is generally used by woodworkers to glue and make furniture. White glue and universal glue are used most in glue. Good glue can make the furniture made more firm and beautiful, and also ensure environmental protection.  Distinguishing method   1. You can take a little white glue and coat the palm of your hand. When it is dry and transparent, it will be real, otherwise it will be fake.  2. Smell the taste, good glue has a little sour taste at most, but it is definitely not pungent. If it tastes pungent, it must be fake.  3. Observe the outer packaging, the color printed on the barrel, the natural color of the barrel, and the logo are quite different from the genuine product. Counterfeit products due to cost and craftsmanship considerations, the details such as welding and printing on the barrel body are absolutely impossible to achieve the exquisite degree of authenticity.  Plate  identification method   1. Check whether there are cracks, decay, bacteria change and other problems in the cross section of the plate.  2. The fewer nodes are directly attached, the better, the more nodes are easy to crack.   3. Whether the smell is pungent, if it is pungent, it means it is not environmentally friendly.  4. Check whether the surface of the plate is flat and smooth.
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