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Five-star hotel mattress kitchen decoration three major misunderstandings, avoid misunderstandings and decoration without regrets

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-03-18
Three Misunderstandings in Five-star Hotel Mattress Kitchen Decoration Avoid Misunderstandings and Renovation without Regrets Many owners who are renovating for the first time will inevitably make mistakes and fall into misunderstandings when decorating the kitchen. Today, the five-star hotel mattress editor will introduce the three common misunderstandings in kitchen decoration. Come and see if you have been recruited. Unreasonable decoration of the operating area of u200bu200bthe kitchen must emphasize practicality. Not only must the operating area be reasonably arranged in combination with the operating process, but also the height of the countertop, the height and thickness of the cabinet, the brightness of the light, etc., must be based on the specific needs of the owner Make adjustments.   The opinions of the “chef” at home are very important. After considering the overall situation as much as possible, we will communicate with the cabinet designer in depth.  Blindly choose open-style   The current apartment design often enlarges the kitchen area or integrates with the restaurant. Many people also imitate the design of foreign kitchens and design the kitchen into a kitchen integration, even a kitchen and guest integration. This kind of design certainly has its positive side. When the housewife is working, she always has the company of her family in her sight, which is very humane.   But considering the eating habits of Chinese people, experts suggest that this design should be used with caution, especially for those who like to enjoy food at home. If you really like this style of design, you may wish to improve it, and you can 'turn off' the cooking stove. The surrounding glass is made of glass, which neither blocks the line of sight, but also blocks oily smoke. Using low-quality hardware The hardware on the cabinet can be said to be the most important part of the overall kitchen, even more important than the cabinet plate and countertop. It directly affects the overall quality of the cabinet. Based on years of experience in the development of foreign kitchens, hardware The quality of the cabinet has become an important sign to distinguish the quality of the cabinet. However, it has not attracted the attention of domestic cabinet manufacturers, nor has it attracted the attention of consumers.   Cabinet doors have to be opened and closed thousands of times and tens of thousands of times. It is difficult for domestic hinges to meet this requirement. Therefore, consumers must be willing to spend money on points when customizing cabinets. At present, most domestic cabinets use domestic hardware, mainly to reduce costs and use low prices as the main means to win customers. However, at present, there are also some brands of cabinets that clearly indicate the brand of the hardware used, or indicate the prices of different grades, so that consumers have a choice.
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