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Explore which types of health mattresses on the market are roughly divided into

by:Suiforlun mattress      2021-08-11
People’s pursuit of healthy sleep and the demand for health-care mattresses continue to increase. The current market is rather chaotic. Many people don’t understand their specific advantages and disadvantages. They regret it when they buy them. In fact, they are wrong. The understanding can help us choose the right one for ourselves. Health-care mattress type: Hard mattress manufacturers introduce memory foam health-care mattresses, which are very common. They are made of a special temperature-sensitive and decompression material, which can provide comfortable support and hardness, and can sense and remember the human body curve. The ups and downs of the human body are shaped and fit the human body completely, so that all parts are in a stress-free state, promote blood circulation, relieve body fatigue and soreness, and avoid traditional mattresses that cause fatigue and stiff neck due to the overhead bending of the neck and waist. Health-care mattress type: Magnetic therapy health-care mattress. Hundreds of magnetic magnets are installed in the mattress. When the human body is lying on it, these magnetic blocks can comfortably and evenly touch all parts of the body to produce a massage effect and emit weak magnetism. Promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, soothe the body and mind, in order to achieve health care effects. The heating and cooling air-conditioning mattress is composed of four parts: a heating and cooling temperature control host, a hose, a mattress, and a remote control. Its working principle is to connect the mattress and the host with a hose, add pure water from the water injection port, and heat or cool the water through the host, and then introduce the temperature-adjusted water into the mattress to exchange heat and cold with the human body. According to the manufacturer of hard mattresses, in order to choose a suitable health mattress, you can first understand whether the main structure of the mattress conforms to human mechanics and whether it can provide adequate support for the human body. When lying on it, it can maintain a natural and comfortable mattress. State, without the slightest oppression and reluctance.
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