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Does coconut palm mattress have formaldehyde? How to buy a formaldehyde-free mattress?

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-05-11

  I believe most people know the hazards of formaldehyde. When decorating, we always choose decorating materials without formaldehyde. In fact, the same is true for mattresses. Or, when choosing a mattress, we should pay more attention to whether the mattress has formaldehyde. Some time ago, a news article on Douyin that caused leukemia in a 6-year-old girl due to excessive formaldehyde on a coconut palm mattress blasted the entire Internet. So, does the coconut palm mattress have formaldehyde? Let us discuss this issue together today.

  Do coconut palm mattresses have formaldehyde? Generally speaking, coconut palm mattresses do not have formaldehyde. The news I told you above is very easy to make people think that coconut palm mattresses have formaldehyde. In fact, the formaldehyde in mattresses is mainly caused by bad businesses cutting corners. Instead of saying that coconut palm mattresses have formaldehyde. The regular coconut palm mattress is made of natural materials. How can it contain formaldehyde? There are two main raw materials for mainstream palm mattresses, mountain brown (dark brown) and coconut silk (light yellow). Silk fibers are short and brittle, and have lower strength and elasticity than mountain brown. The raw material appearance of coconut palm is as thin as the hair, and the fiber in the coconut peel is the main skeleton material. Materials like this do not produce formaldehyde by themselves. Formaldehyde in coconut palm mattresses is basically due to poor processing techniques. The environmentally friendly coconut palm mattress is made by a purely physical method. The product processed by this method is called 3E coconut palm, which almost does not release formaldehyde and can be used with confidence. It is also very simple for us to distinguish this kind of mattress. After opening the mattress, the layered coconut palm and some white chemical fibers between the two layers of felt are formaldehyde-free coconut palm mattresses. Recommended reading: Advantages and Disadvantages of Coir Mattress Some even use straw directly and add urea-formaldehyde resin glue to shape. When you open such a mattress, you will see a very hard piece, and you can't break it with your hands. Because the cost is very low, some merchants will tell you to buy a bed and get a mattress as a free gift. In fact, there is no free lunch in the world. This inferior coconut palm mattress is very harmful to the human body, so don't ask for it.

   So how do we avoid the coconut palm mattress with formaldehyde? When we buy this kind of mattress, it is best to choose a zipper design. You can see the internal structure of the palm fiber mattress. To pinch the inner core, high-quality mat is not hard, but softer and more elastic; at the same time, be sure to smell its smell. The pungent smell is better to choose carefully.

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