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Different types of mattresses are suitable for people of different ages

by:Suiforlun mattress      2022-02-28
At present, mattresses are also a kind of necessities in our lives. There are many types of mattresses that we usually see, but we have not specifically understood their habits and functions, and there are different types of mattresses. For different people, different beds are also suitable for different mattress thicknesses. For example, the high box bed is suitable for small thickness mattresses, and the low box bed is suitable for thick mattresses. The purpose of this choice is for aesthetics. , The second is to facilitate the lifting of the bed box for easy use. So what are the specific types and functions of the mattress? 1. All-brown mattresses. Most of the all-brown mattresses are synthesized from natural coconut palm. Such raw materials are more environmentally friendly and will help our bodies. The whole brown mattress is literally a harder mattress, which is very suitable for the elderly and summer. Some of our mistakes think that the elderly are suitable for soft bedding, but most of the elderly’s waist or There are some joint problems in the legs. A hard mattress will help with this problem. 2. Full latex mattress Full latex mattress is a kind of relatively soft mattress. Some time ago, the wind of latex pillow was blown, but for our bedding products, we have to consider different. The softer mattress is It is suitable for the intermittent children's age group, because the intermittent children are still growing, and the softer mattress can also play a protective role. 3. Palm plus latex mattresses. One side of this type of mattress is soft part made of latex, and the other side is brown surface, which is the hard part. This kind of mattress combines the advantages of full brown and full latex mattresses. Has two characteristics. The types of mattresses also include spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, spring and brown mattresses, three-in-one mattresses, etc. The same applies to different people. The young group can go according to their own preferences and their own conditions. There is no specific suitable mattress type.
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